Plymouth Shipwrecks, Abandoned Hulks and Aircraft Losses

Name Type Date Location
A7 Submarine 1914 Whitsand Bay
Aagtekerke East Indiaman 1721 Bovisand Bay
Abelard Armed Trawler 1916

Abraham Newland Sailing Vessel 1801 Plymouth
Agenoria Smack 1869 Plymouth Sound
Agenoria Dredger 1901 Hoe, West
Agnes Dandy 1890 Cattewater, Turnchapel
SS Ajax Paddle steamship 1854 Mewstone
Albion Sailing Vessel 1833 Plymouth Sound
Albion Schooner 1837 Breakwater
Albion Schooner 1877 Drake's Island, 200m East
Albion Brigantine 1839 Queener Point, Rame Head
Albion Sailing Vessel 1817 Plymouth
Alert Ketch 1898 Cattewater
Alfonso Hooker 1891 Penlee Point, 2 miles SSE
Alfred Sailing Vessel 1813 Plymouth Sound
Alice Smack 1901 Millbay, outer East pier
Allow Me Cutter 1911 Penlee Point
Amazon Ketch 1936 Picklecombe Fort
Amazon Fishing Trawler  
Amethyst 5th Rate 1811 Jennycliff Bay
Amphion 5th Rate 1796 Hamoaze
Anglesea 4th Rate 1764 Scuttled in Plymouth
Ann Sloop 1839 Penlee Point
Anna II Pilot vessel 1997 River Tamar, off Torpoint
Annie Barge 1896 Vanguard buoy, near
Ant Sailing Vessel 1819 Plymouth
Antelope Brixham Trawler 1906 Laira
Apollo Brigantine 1866 Plymouth Sound
Argo Sailing Vessel 1799 Plymouth Sound
Arthur Timber Barge Hooe Lake
HMT Asama Armed Trawler 1941  
Astrea East Indiaman 1725 Cattewater
Augusta of Plymouth Hooker 1872 Near Redding Point
Augustine Brig 1861 Jennycliff, Batten Point
HMS Augustus Gunvessel 1801 Hoe, east end
Aurora Transport 1795 Plymouth Sound
Avon Ketch 1882 Cattewater, Queen Anne's Battery
Baroda Ketch 1890 Mewstone, the Slimers
Baron Cutter 1886 Plymouth Sound
Baron van Pallandt van R. Barque 1881 Jennycliff, Batten Bay
Belle Sailing Vessel 1843 Cattewater
Belle Isle Sailing Vessel 1762 Plymouth
Betsey Sailing Vessel 1806 Mount Batten Rocks
Betsey Sloop 1866 Plymouth
Blackburn Iris (N238) Aircraft 1931 Jennycliff Bay
Blade of Wheat Sixth Rate 1689 Millbay
Bon Ordre Privateer 1799 Cattewater
Bon Pasteur Lugger 1884 Breakwater
Bonaventure Sailing Vessel 1627 Hamoaze, refloated
Bragila Barque 1843 Bovisand Bay
Brilliant Sailing Vessel 1762 Cattewater
British Tar Sailing Vessel 1804 Cattewater
Briton Ketch 1913 Jennycliff, Batten Bay
Brothers Schooner 1852 Millbay
BW Barge Barge  
C-293 Barge 1941 Devonport Dockyard
Cabot Barque 1868 Jennycliff, Batten Reef
Caesar Sailing Vessel 1760 Plymouth, near
Lifting Camel (ASP) Lifting Camel North of Breakwater Fort
Captain 3rd Rate 1813 Hamoaze
Caroline Brig 1809 Cattewater
Caroline Sloop 1853 Plym, Laira
Carouse Schooner 1796 Plymouth Sound
Cassandra Sailing Vessel 1834 Plymouth, near
Metta Catharina von Flensburg Brigantine 1786 Barnpool
Catharine Sailing Vessel 1786 Plymouth, near
Cato Transport 1828 Jennycliff, Batten Reef
Cattewater Wreck Sailing Vessel Cattewater
Centurion 4th Rate 1689 Mount Batten
Chancellor Steam trawler 1934 Whitsand Bay
Charles and Henry Fireship 1689 Cattewater
Charles and Mary Sailing Vessel 1757 Plymouth Sound
Charles Francis Ketch 1900 Sutton Harbour
Charlotte Sailing Vessel 1762 Cattewater
Charming Sally Sailing Vessel 1760 Cattewater
Christiana Schooner 1865 Plymouth Sound
Colonist Sailing Vessel 1824 Cattewater, Teats Hill
Colosie Brig 1838 Ravenness Point, near
Commerce Sailing Vessel 1834 Plymouth Sound
Commerce Schooner 1838 Hoe, Citadel
Commerzieweathin Haupt Brig 1865 Jennycliff, Batten Reef
Concord Sailing Vessel 1782 'Sandy Cove'
Concordia Ketch 1824 Cattewater, Deadman's Bay
Conqueror 3rd Rate 1760 Drake's Island
Constance Sailing Vessel 1862 Drake's Island
Constance Steamship 1888 Shagstone
Constantine Sloop 1866 Drake's Island
HMS Coquille 5th Rate 1798 Devonport Dockyard
Cornelius Sailing Vessel 1700 Hamoaze
Coromandel Sailing Vessel 1808 Breakwater
Coronation 2nd Rate 1691 Penlee Point
Coronel Sailing Vessel 1888 Plymouth Sound
Cosmopolite Privateer 1803 Plymouth Sound
HMS Crane Schooner 1808 Hoe, West
Crystal Palace Lugger 1862 Breakwater, outside
Cygnet Sailing Vessel 1891 Hoe, near
Czarowitz Brig 1877 Cattewater, Bear's Head
Dab Dandy 1871 Mewstone
Dahlia Ketch 1900 Renney Rocks
Daisy Steam Coaster 1903 freathy Cliff, Whitsand
Dart Sailing Vessel 1833 Cattewater, Bear's Head
Dawn Yacht 1890 Hoe, near
Dazzler Fishing Vessel 1886 Plymouth Sound
Denbigh Troop Ship 1780 Cattewater
Dispatch Brig 1756 Cattewater, Deadman's Bay
(HMS) Dover Prize Hulk 1689 Plymouth Sound
Drakes Island Barge Unknown Drakes Island, West side
Drie Gebroeders Sailing Vessel 1800 Cattewater
(HMS) Dunwich 6th Rate 1714 Scuttled in Plymouth
Dutton East Indiaman 1796 Hoe, Citadel
HMS Echo Sloop 1781 Cattewater, Deadman's Bay
Eclipse Sailing Vessel 1812 Plymouth Sound
Edwin Tamar Barge 1924 Pomphlett Creek
Edwin and Ann Sailing Vessel 1827 Plymouth Harbour
Elise Barque 1883 Hoe, Needles Reef
Eliza Sloop 1852 Plymouth
Eliza and Ann Schooner 1860 Jennycliff, Batten Reef
Elizabeth Sailing Vessel 1852 Penlee Point
Elizabeth Schooner 1859 Mount Batten
HMT Elk Armed Trawler 1940 Breakwater, 1.9 miles SSW
Ellen Rickmers Barque 1882 Penlee Point
Emma Sailing Vessel 1889 Plymouth Sound
Emmanuel Brig 1863 Jennycliff, Batten Reef
Encourage Fishing Vessel (MFV) 1940 Breakwater, 208 deg. 6.8 cab.
Endeavour Sailing Vessel 1798 Plymouth
Enid Cutter 1891 Barnpool, Devil's Point
Enterprise Barge 1898 Drakes Island, near
Enterprize Sloop 1812 Plymouth Sound
Erin Sailing Vessel 1818 Plymouth Sound
Erin Brig 1833 Breakwater
Erna Schooner 1914 Drake's Island
Espoir Brig 1865 Jennycliff, Batten Reef
Eugenie Schooner 1893 Great Western Dock
Eureka Cutter 1895 Sutton Harbour, near West Pier
Excelsior Ketch 1902 Shagstone, near
Exeter and Portsmouth Sailing Vessel 1756 Plymouth
Fair City Schooner 1919 Breakwater
Falcon Ketch 1971 Cawsand Bay
Fame Sailing Vessel 1782 Barnpool, Devil's Point
Farmers Delight Sloop 1817 Mount Batten
Favourite Fishing Vessel 1824 Rame Head
Fearful Brig 1872 Cobblers Channel
Fearless Gunvessel 1804 Redding Point, Plymouth Sound
Fidelity Sailing Vessel 1834 Mewstone
Firewater Tug Cattewater
Flirt Sailing Vessel 1891 Plymouth Sound
Flora Brig 1800 Hamoaze
Florence May Ketch 1886 Sutton Pool
Florinda Ketch 1896 Cattewater, Queen Anne's Battery
Fly Sailing Vessel 1758 Plymouth Sound
Fly Sailing Vessel 1792 Plymouth Sound
Flyvende Ulv Indiaman 1691 Off Plymouth
Fortitude Sailing Vessel 1791 Cattewater
Fortuna Schooner 1880 Jennycliff, Batten Bay
HMS Foyle Destroyer 1915 South of Penlee Point
Francis Sailing Vessel 1884 Plymouth Sound
French Frigate 4th Rate 1801 Rame Head
Friends Sailing Vessel 1852 River Yealm, entrance, near
Friendship Sailing Vessel 1812 Plymouth Harbour
Friendship Sailing Vessel 1862 Rame Head
Frolic Sloop 1860 Penlee Point
Fylrix General Cargo Ship 1984 Jennycliff Bay
Gascoyne Sailing Vessel 1812 Plymouth Sound
General Brock Brig 1843 Plymouth Sound
General Burton Sailing Vessel 1765 Plymouth Sound
General Gates Sailing Vessel 1800 Plymouth Sound
Glen Strathallan Steam Yacht 1970 Shagstone, near
Glenrose Steamship 1921 Devonport Dockyard
Glory Sailing Vessel 1785 Plymouth, near
Good Intent Sailing Vessel 1762 Cattewater
Good Intent Sloop 1825 Rame Head
Granville Sailing Vessel 1762 Cattewater
Graziona Annetta Sailing Vessel 1798 Plymouth, near
Greyhound Schooner 1867 Shagstone
Hariel Haar Sailing Vessel 1794 Cattewater
Harmony Brig 1822 Plymouth
Harriet Thompson Schooner 1915 Devonport, New Passage Canal
Harwich 3rd Rate 1691 Battery Buoy
Havering Full Rigged Ship 1860 Jennycliff, Batten Reef
Haydon Transport 1828 Jennycliff, Batten Reef
Henrietta 3rd Rate 1689 Cattewater
Henry Transport 1810 Hoe, Citadel
Hiawatha Barque 1861 Mount Batten
Hibernia Brig 1824 Hoe, Citadel
Hope Sailing Vessel 1670 Rame Head
Hopper Barge No. 42 Hopper Barge 1913 Breakwater, west
Horace Sailing Vessel 1812 Plymouth Sound
Ida Fishing Vessel 1889 Plymouth Sound
Imogene 6th Rate 1840 Devonport Dockyard, South dock
Indian Trader Transport 1828 Mount Batten Rocks
Industry Sailing Vessel 1757 Cattewater
Industry Sailing Vessel 1773 Plymouth
Industry Smack 1851 Mewstone
Irex Ketch 1899 Breakwater
James Barge 1833 Plymouth Sound
James and Elizabeth Sloop 1811 Cattewater
SS James Eagan Layne Steam ship 1945 Whitsand Bay
James Hattie Fishing Vessel 1866 Mewstone
Jane Sailing Vessel 1804 Mewstone,
Jane Matilda Dandy 1866 Mewstone
Jasper Sloop 1817 Cattewater, Bear's Head
Jeane Adelle Brig 1814 Mewstone
Jeffrouw Ida Maria Dogger 1753 Rame Head
SS Jellicoe Rose Steam Coaster 1938 Jennycliff Bay
Jersey Hulk 1764  
Jessie Lawson Transport 1828 Mount Batten Rocks
Jeune Albert Lugger 1894 Hoe, Citadel
Johann II Brig 1865 Jennycliff, Batten Reef
John   1824 Blackstone Rocks
John and Hannah Sailing Vessel 1752 Plymouth, near
John and Martha Sailing Vessel 1798 Plymouth Sound
John and Robert Transport 1828 Mount Batten Rocks
John and Sukey Sailing Vessel 1762 Cattewater
John Cutter Sloop 1800 Plymouth Sound
John May Brig 1880 Mount Batten breakwater
John Munro Schooner 1866 Hoe, West
John Pardew Schooner 1850 Lambhay Point
Jong Pieter Sailing Vessel 1813 Plymouth Sound
Jonge Jan Swaarts Sailing Vessel 1803 Plymouth
JST Lugger 1883 Breakwater, East
Juffrow Edia Maria Sailing Vessel 1774 Rame Head
Julia Coastguard Tender 1891 Stonehouse, near
K32 Transport 1795 Hamoaze
Kate Brigantine 1887 Plymouth Sound
HMT Kingston Alalite Armed Trawler 1940 Off Breakwater
Kite Flat 1901 Mount Batten Breakwater
Kitty Sailing Vessel 1796 Plymouth
L’Amiable Maria Brig 1786 Drake's Island
L’Effronteur Privateer 1804 Cattewater
La Louisa Sailing Vessel 1763 Rame Head
La Vutoire Brig 1799 Cawsand Bay
Lady Edgcumbe Sailing Vessel 1790 Plymouth, near
Lady of Avenel Schooner 1877 Cattewater, Deadman's Bay
Lancaster ED450G Aircraft 1943 Breakwater, South side
Lapwing Cutter 1817 Millbay
Laurel Brigantine 1872 Jennycliff, Batten Bay
HMS Lavinia 5th Rate 1868 Hamoaze
Les Amis   1803  
Les Deux Amis Sailing Vessel 1803 Cattewater, Deadmans Bay
Les Trois Anges Lugger 1872 Cattewater, Deadman's Bay
Liberty Smack 1838 Cattewater, Teats Hill
Lily of Devon Ketch 1911 Sutton Harbour
Louisa Troop Ship 1809 Cattewater
Lovely Sailing Vessel 1757 Devonport Victualling Yard
Loyal Comfort Sailing Vessel 1749 Plymouth, near
Loyalty Sailing Vessel 1783 Mount Batten Rocks
Lucy Tug 1890 Jennycliff Bay
Lucy Maud Cutter 1908 Cattewater, Queen Anne's Battery
Maejub Motor Boat 1970 Picklecombe Fort
Magdalen Sailing Vessel 1813 Plymouth Sound
Main Ketch 1892 Shagstone
Maria Sailing Vessel 1760 Hoe, South West point
Maria Sloop 1774 Drake Channel
Marie Adele Schooner 1872 Jennycliff, Batten Reef
Marie Banche Lugger 1886 Breakwater
(HMS) Mary Galley 4th Rate 1764 Scuttled in Plymouth
Mars Cutter 1809 Drake's Island
Mars Sailing Vessel 1813 Plymouth Sound
Martha Sailing Vessel 1779 Plymouth, East of
Martha Sloop 1834 Rame Head
Mary Sailing Vessel 1759 Plymouth, near
Mary Sailing Vessel 1800 Cattewater
Mary Brigantine 1795 Rame Head
Mary Ann Sailing Vessel 1828 Bovisand Bay
Mary Ann Sailing Vessel 1854 Breakwater
Mayflower Brig 1843 Breakwater
FS Medoc Patrol ship 1940 South of Rame Head
Memory Fishing Vessel 1877 Breakwater Lighthouse, 300m West
Mentor Sailing Vessel 1834 Staddon
Mermaid Fireship 1693 Devonport Dockyard
Messerschmitt BF109 (13014) Aircraft 1942 Cawsand Bay
Mewstone Ledges Sailing Vessel 18th C Mewstone Ledge
Mewstone Submarine Submarine South of Mewstone
Millbay Cannon Site Sailing Vessel 18th C Millbay, west
Minerva Sailing Vessel 1763 Hoe
Miranda Steam Yacht 1902 Hoe, Promenade Pier
Mischief Schooner 1865 Jennycliff, Batten Reef
Miura Sloop 1867 Plymouth Sound
Mizpah Ketch 1899 Mewstone, 4 miles SSW
(HMS) Moor 4th Rate 1716 Scuttled in Plymouth
Myra Fishing Vessel 1886 Plymouth Sound
Mystery Sailing Vessel 1891 Cawsand Bay, 0.25M.
N.S. de Padron de Serra Sailing Vessel 1762 Cattewater
Nancy Brig 1813 Drake's Island
Nepaul Steamship 1890 Shagstone
Neptune Sailing Vessel 1761 Plymouth Sound
Newfoundland Convoy Unknown 1801 Jennycliff Bay
No name Barge 1813 Plymouth
No name Barge 1804 Hoe
No. 9 Barge 1894 Plymouth Sound, Entrance
Nora Dandy 1895 Breakwater Lighthouse, 200m NE
Norman Schooner 1843 Bovisand Bay
Nova Rosa Schooner 1883 Rame Head, near
Nuestra Senora de Almas Sailing Vessel 1763 Plymouth Harbour
Nuova Virginia Barque 1885 Cattewater, Cattedown
Ocean Sloop 1853 Breakwater
Ocean Queen Brig 1852 Mewstone, Little
Orion Brig 1807 Millbay
Orion Sailing Vessel 1808 Plymouth
Orion Brigantine 1887 Breakwater
Ottowa Schooner 1912 Jennycliff Bay
Ours   Penlee Point
Pallas 5th Rate 1798 Jennycliff, near Leek beds
Palmyra Schooner 1867 Dunstone Point
Pals Fishing Vessel 1933 Breakwater
Palsgrave East Indiaman 1637 Drake's Island
Patriot Sailing Vessel 1895 Breakwater, rocks
Francis Patrick (the Patrick) Trawler 1968 South of Rame Head
Persier Steam ship 1945 Bigbury Bay
Petrinick Sailing Vessel 1824 Millbay
Phoenix Transport 1811 Plymouth
Pinnace Pinnace 1838  
Pioneer Ketch 1897 Cattewater, Turnchapel
Planet Yacht 1892 Mewstone, 2 miles E x N
Plym Dredger 1967 Cattedown, on the shore
Plympton Yacht 1828 Mount Batten Rocks
Polly Sailing Vessel 1787 Plymouth Sound
Polly Dandy 1890 Jennycliff Bay
Polly Sailing Vessel 1801 At Plymouth
FS Poulmic Transport 1940 South of the Breakwater
Pride Brigantine 1882 Jennycliff, Batten Cove
Princess Mary Packet Vessel 1817 Cattewater, Deadman's Bay
Prosperous Sloop 1774 Barnpool, Firestone Bay
Providence Sailing Vessel 1785 Hamoaze
Providence Sailing Vessel 1786 Plymouth, near
Providence Sailing Vessel 1796 Plymouth, near
Providence Sailing Vessel 1798 Plymouth, near
Providence Sailing Vessel 1812 Plymouth Sound
Providentia Brig 1814 Cattewater, Teats Hill
Prussian Hero Sailing Vessel 1762 Cattewater
R H Jones Barque 1877 Breakwater
Rame Barge Barge 1905? Off Rame Head
Randolph Barque 1869 Plymouth
Ranger Sailing Vessel 1760 Cattewater
Ranger Sailing Vessel 1811 Plymouth
Redness Sailing Vessel 1812 Plymouth Sound
Resolution Brig 1793 Cattewater
Retrench Brig 1824 Millbay
Robert Sailing Vessel 1794 Plymouth Sound
Roger Trawler 1993 Hooe lake
Rosamond Sailing Vessel 1786 Sutton Pool
SS Rosehill Steam collier 1917 Whitsand Bay
Rothesay Steamship 1877 Mewstone
Rover Troop Ship 1804 Yealm Point
Rover Sailing Vessel 1816 Barnpool, Devil's Point
Ruby Sloop 1905 Stonehouse, Firestone Bay
Sally Sailing Vessel 1785 Mount Batten Rocks
San Nicolao Sailing Vessel 1780 Drake's Island
Sarah Sailing Vessel 1758 Hamoaze, entrance
Sarah Transport 1795 Plymouth Sound
Sarah Sailing Vessel 1834 Plymouth
Sarah Stibbs Smack 1865 Plymouth Sound
(HMS) Saudadoes Prize 5th Rate 1712 Scuttled in Plymouth
Scotia Full Rigged Ship 1824 Cattewater, Deadman's Bay
HMS Scylla Warship 2004 Whitsand Bay
Sea Flower Cutter 1889 Sutton Harbour
Seagull Sailing Vessel 1798 Plymouth, rocks
Seanymph Sailing Vessel 1762 Cattewater
Selina Transport 1812 Plymouth, near
Shamrock Hulk 1899 Jennycliff Bay
Shamrock Fishing Vessel 1910 Breakwater, 1.5 miles S
Silver Spray Schooner 1905 Plymouth Sound
Sincerity Sloop 1797 Plymouth
Sophia Yawl 1858 Renney Rocks
Southampton Merchantman 1794 Mount Batten Point
Southampton Sailing Vessel 1843 Plymouth Sound
Speculation Sailing Vessel 1809 Cattewater
Speculator Brig 1828 Mount Batten
Speedwell Sailing Vessel 1786 Plymouth, near
Speedwell Schooner 1860 Redding Point
Speedy Schooner 1864 Breakwater West end
Splendid Ketch 1892 Sutton Harbour, entrance
St Anthony Sailing Vessel 1757 Plymouth, East of
St Lucar Packet Vessel 1757 Plymouth Harbour
St Pierre Brigantine 1897 Mewstone
Stafford Sailing Vessel 1759 Hoe, West
Star of the West Lugger 1867 Plymouth
Sultan Schooner 1816 Mount Batten
Sunbeam Hooker 1891 Penlee Point, 2 miles SSE
Sunderland DD852 Sunderland Flying Boat 1944 Jennycliff Bay
Sunderland ML782 Sunderland Flying Boat 1944 Plymouth Sound
Sunderland ML829 Sunderland Flying Boat 1945 Plymouth Sound
Sunderland W6054 Aircraft 1942  
Superior Sailing Vessel 1867 Hamoaze, Millbrook
Sussex 3rd Rate 1653 Plymouth
Swallow Sailing Vessel 1777 Cattewater, Entrance
Swanbon Schooner 1922 Cattewater, Queen Anne's Battery
Swift Steamship 1892 Cattewater, Turnchapel
Syd Yacht 1911 Barnpool, Devil's Point, West
Talavera 3rd Rate 1840 Devonport Dockyard, South dock
Tamar Barge 1798 Mount Batten Rocks
Tarrit Sailing Vessel 1362 Plymouth
Tavy Ketch 1902 Penlee Point, 1 mile W
Tavy Pilot Cutter 1995 By Breakwater Fort
Taxiarchos Brig 1843 Rame Head
Tayrles Bay Sailing Vessel 1771 Plymouth Harbour
Teazer Schooner 1867 Mount Batten Rocks
Telegraph Gun brig 1817 Hoe, East end
Temperance Sailing Vessel 1873 Plymouth
Thames Sailing Vessel 1781 Hoe, under
The Brothers   1854  
Thetis Sailing Vessel 1838 Breakwater
Thetis Schooner 1880 Plymouth Sound
Thistle Ketch 1913 Renney Rocks
Thomas Sailing Vessel 1800 Plymouth Sound
Thomas and Elizabeth Sailing Vessel 1757 Hoe
Thought Sloop 1859 Rame Head
Three Brothers Sailing Vessel 1800 Plymouth Sound
Three Sisters Sailing Vessel 1758 Millbay
Totnes Castle Paddle Steamer 1967 Bigbury Bay
Traveller Sailing Vessel 1795 Plymouth Sound
Traveller Sailing Vessel 1811 Plymouth
Trende Brodre Brig 1811 Plymouth
Trojan Schooner 1811 Citadel, Dutton Rocks
Twee Gezustus Sailing Vessel 1786 Sutton Pool
Two Brothers Sailing Vessel 1757 Plymouth Harbour
Two Brothers Smuggler 1834 On the Breakwater
Two Friends Sailing Vessel 1771 Plymouth
Two Sisters Cutter 1911 Plymouth Sound, Entrance
Tyger Sailing Vessel 1762 Plymouth
UKHO Britannia    
Unanimity Sailing Vessel 1803 Plymouth Sound
Uncle Jack Fishing Vessel 1868 Drake's Island
Undine Yacht 1897 Barnpool, German Rock
Unicorn (Tile wreck) Trawler 1923 Off Rame Head
Unidentified (1) Sailing Vessel 1596 Plymouth Harbour, rocks
Unidentified (2) Sailing Vessel 1599 Plymouth, 'near the town'
Unidentified (3) Sailing Vessel 1604 Plymouth Harbour, entrance
Unidentified (4) Sailing Vessel 1628 Plymouth
Unidentified (5) Barque 1628 Plymouth
Unidentified (6) Sailing Vessel 1637 Cattewater
Unidentified (7) Sailing Vessel 1666 Plymouth, on the rocks
Unidentified (8) Sailing Vessel 1666 Drake's Island
Unidentified (9) Sailing Vessel 1675 Plymouth Sound
Unidentified (10) Sailing Vessel 1689 Plymouth Sound
Unidentified (11) Sailing Vessel 1668 Rame Head
Unidentified (12) Sloop 1804 Citadel
Unidentified (13) Sailing Vessel 1744 Plymouth Harbour
Unidentified (14) Sloop 1746 Cawsand Bay
Unidentified (15) Privateer 1757 Plymouth, East of
Unidentified (16) Sailing Vessel 1757 Plymouth, East of
Unidentified (18) Brig 1760 Hoe
Unidentified (19) Sailing Vessel 1764 Plymouth
Unidentified (20) Galliot 1766 A few miles eastward of Plymouth
Unidentified (21) Sailing Vessel 1767 Cattewater, Rocks
Unidentified (22) Sloop 1768 Hoe, Citadel
Unidentified (23) Sloop 1771 Cattewater
Unidentified (24) Barge 1786 Plymouth Sound
Unidentified (25) Fishing Vessel 1786 Plymouth Sound
Unidentified (26) Transport 1795 Cattewater
Unidentified (28) Brig 1803 Cattewater
Unidentified (29) Sailing Vessel 1804 Redding Point
Unidentified (30) Sloop 1804 Staddon Heights
Unidentified (31) Sailing Vessel 1805 Mewstone
Unidentified (32) Sailing Vessel 1805 Renney Rocks
Unidentified (33) Lugger 1812 Rame Head
Unidentified (34) Hoy 1813 Shagstone
Unidentified (36) Smack 1878 Rame Head
Unidentified (37) Sloop 1804 Cattewater
Unity Flyboat 1689 Mount Batten
Unity Sailing Vessel 1803 Cattewater, Deadman's Bay
Unity Sailing Vessel 1806 Plymouth
Unity Barge 1891 Barnpool, Devil's Point
Valentine Sailing Vessel 1768 Plymouth Sound
Valentine Brigantine 1883 Mount Batten Rocks
Vectis Steamship 1912 Adurn Point
(HMS) Vengeance 6th Rate 1766 Scuttled in Plymouth
Venus Dandy 1891 Cawsand Bay
Victory Lugger 1888 Breakwater
Viking Princess Trawler 1996 Off Yealm
Vine Cutter 1898 Caswand Bay
Volunteer Cutter 1896 Mutton Cove, New Pier
Vrouw Johanna Sailing Vessel 1810 Staddon Point
W Woollven Pilot Cutter 1925 Plymouth
Wager Troop Ship 1746 Cawsand Bay
We Three Ketch 1934 Breakwater
Wesley Snow 1873 Plymouth Sound
Western Star Schooner 1873 Wembury
White Horse Cutter 1889 Sutton Harbour
Widgeon Steamship 1871 Eddystone, 5 miles E
Wierkelyk Sailing Vessel 1781 Drake's Island
William and Ann Smack 1854 Rame Head
William Phillips Cutter 1884 Barnpool, Devil's Point
Wilson Sailing Vessel 1812 Plymouth, near
Young Fanny Sailing Vessel 1809 Plymouth Sound
Yvonne Barque 1920 Breakwater
Zeelust Sailing Vessel 1786 Sutton Pool

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