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About The SHIPS Project

The SHIPS Project is a volunteer non-profit organisation that undertakes research and exploration of maritime historical sites and events, both on land and underwater.

The SHIPS Project is based in Plymouth, England, and the main focus of our work is centred on that city. Plymouth has a wonderful maritime heritage stretches from the Bronze age to the present day that includes maritime and shipping, military and aircraft, fishing, industrial and transport, piers, docks and harbours as well as Roman and prehistoric sites.

The work of The SHIPS Project is undertaken by unpaid volunteers, but the project was kindly sponsored by US research foundation ProMare from 2010 to 2016. The SHIPS Project has been assisted by a number of commercial organisations, institutions and universities, in particular many departments at the University of Plymouth and the Oxford University dive club OUUEG. You can read about the huge number of contributors to this project on our SHIPS Project Crew page.

You can find out more about what we do on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Our images and text are published under a CC attribution non-commercial licence (unless stated otherwise). Feel free to use the information for non-commercial purposes but please credit 'The SHIPS Project'. Please read more about it here.