Aircraft Crash Sites

in and around Plymouth Sound National Marine Park

The map shows the 35 aircraft losses near the city of Plymouth in the UK, the area extends west as far as Millendreath and south to the Eddystone lighthouse.

A 70 page illustrated book about these aircraft, 'Aircraft Crash Sites in and Around Plymouth Sound National Marine Park' by Peter Holt and Mallory Haas is now available on the Publications page.

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Dornier 217 K-3 4701 Wellington W5581 Asia Knoll Engine Blackburn Iris N238 Cattedown aircraft Blackburn Shark L2357 Messerscmitt 13014 Sunderland W3998 Sunderland N9030 Rolls Royce Merlin Propeller Lancaster ED450 Sunderland ML829 Sunderland W6054 Catalina C-FOWE Hampden AD861 Shark L2374 Shark L2349 Blackburn Iris L1263

List of Aircraft

Name Description Date Location
Unknown Unknown radial engine c1917 Plymouth Sound, Asia Knoll
Unknown Fairey III D 15 July 1929 Plymouth Breakwater, south side
N238 Blackburn Iris Mk III 04 Feb 1931 Plymouth Sound
S1263 Blackburn Iris Mk III 12 Jan 1933 Plymouth Sound
L2349 Blackburn Shark Mk II 09 May 1939 Plymouth Sound
L2357 Blackburn Shark Mk II 20 July 1939 Cattewater
N9030 Short Sunderland Mk I 15 Oct 1939 Plymouth Sound, Panther Shoal
L2374 Blackburn Shark Mk II 20 Oct 1939 Plymouth Sound
Unknown Junkers Ju 88 22 Aug 1940 Off Plymouth
Unknown Messerschmitt Bf 110 30th Oct 1940 Off Plymouth
Unknown Unknown German Aircraft 12th Jan 1941 Off Plymouth
AD861 Handley-Page Hampden Mk I 07 July 1941 Plymouth Sound
W5581 Vickers Wellington Mk II 24 July 1941 Whitsand Bay, Cornwall
0398 Junkers Ju 88D-2 6th Dec 1941 South of Plymouth
W3998 Short Sunderland Mk II 21 Dec 1941 Plymouth Sound, south of Breakwater
AM918 B-24 Liberator Mk I 15 Feb 1942 Off the Eddystone
13014 Messerschmitt BF109f 16 May 1942 Plymouth Sound, Cawsand Bay
W6054 Short Sunderland Mk II 13 Nov 1942 Plymouth Breakwater, north side
ED450 Avro Lancaster Mk III 13 Feb 1943 Plymouth Breakwater, south side
DP179 Short Sunderland Mk III 29 Mar 1943 Plymouth, Cattewater
W3986 Short Sunderland Mk III 20 May 1943 Off the Eddystone
Unknown Dornier Do 217 13 Jun 1943 Off Plymouth
Unknown Junkers Ju 88 13 Jun 1943 Off Plymouth
430564 Junkers Ju 88D-1 12 Aug 1943 South East of Plymouth
Unknown Heinkel He-111 Feb or Mar 1944 Off Rame Head
42-31559 Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 20 Mar 1944 Millendreath
4701 Dornier Do-217K-3 30 Apr 1944 Whitsand Bay, Cornwall
EN768 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb 19 June 1944 Off the Eddystone
DD852 Short Sunderland Mk III 02 Sept 1944 Plymouth Sound, Jennycliff Bay
ML782 Short Sunderland Mk III 11 Dec 1944 Plymouth Breakwater, west
ML829 Short Sunderland Mk III 09 Feb 1945 Plymouth Breakwater, west
LF638 Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC 02 Mar 1945 Plymouth Sound, off Drakes Island
Unknown RR Merlin X propeller 1941 Plymouth Breakwater, west end
N3434 Boulton Paul Defiant III 29 Aug 1944 Cattewater, Sparrow's Quay
C-FOWE Catalina PBY-5A 31 May 1986 Plymouth Sound

Please note that all aircraft in UK waters that have crashed during military service are protected under the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986.

The list of contributors to this study of Plymouth shipwrecks, hulks and aircraft crash sites can be found here SHIPS Link.

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