The SHIPS Project

SHIPS Project Crew, Supporters and Contributors

The SHIPS Project is a community enterprise that involves lots of enthusiastic volunteers working alongside the Project team and is supported by many businesses and institutions.

Sonardyne International Ltd. have supported maritime archaeology projects since the early work on the Mary Rose wreck in Portsmouth in the 1970s. Sonardyne supported the Erme Estuary survey work in 1994, acoustic mapping of the Metta Catharina, surveying and recording research at the Breakwater Fort as well as many geophysical surveys using the company's trials vessels.

ProMare Inc

The SHIPS Project was fully funded by US research foundation ProMare SHIPS Link from 2010 to 2016, during which time the team explored the seas and rivers around Plymouth, mapped many shipwrecks and foreshore hulks, found and excavated the Royal Navy heavy frigate Amethyst, studied the early Royal Navy submarine HMS/M A7, investigated the Jennycliff Wall and Calstock Roman river crossing, trained many divers and gave a lot of presentations. Our special thanks go to Brett Phaneuf, Dr Ayse Atauz, Dr. Fredrik Søreide and Gregg Cook.

Many departments at the University of Plymouth have supported The SHIPS Project. We have worked with the hydrography and ocean science team for many years but also worked with the departments of engineering, history, geology, environmental science and the Diving and Marine Centre.

C. John Cotton provided his extensive archive of photographs of foreshore hulks which have allowed us to show what these vessels looked like 40 years ago. John also found and identified many of the hulks in the Plymouth area and researched their histories and we thank him for his co-authorship of the foreshore publications.

The late Gary Hicks provided a wealth of information about local vessels, published in his CD Plymouth's Other Fleet: The Merchant Shipping & Fishing Boat Registers of the Port of Plymouth, available through this website SHIPS Link.

The SHIPS Project came about through a chance meeting with diver and archaeologist Paul Dart in 1993, and you can read more about this here SHIPS Link.

Supporting Companies and Organisations

Aquanauts Dive Centre Sponsor, Dive support, Noeleen, Brian and Douggie Allan SHIPS Link
Aquascan Ltd. Sponsor, Metal detectors & magnetometers, Bob Williams SHIPS Link
Birmingham University HIT Team Sponsor, Prof. Robert Stone
Cattewater Harbour Commissioners Authority, Tim Charlesworth (rtd)
Cygnus Instruments Ltd. Sponsor, Ultrasonic thickness gauge, A7 Project SHIPS Link
InDeep Diving & Marine Services Ltd. Sponsor, Dive support, A7 Project, Ben Kellett, Jim Kellett, Sean McTierney SHIPS Link
Marine Magnetics Inc. Sponsor, Magnetometer research, Doug Hrvoic SHIPS Link
Mount Batten Watersports Centre Sponsor, Boat mooring SHIPS Link
Mount Edgcumbe House Supporter, Catharina Exhibition, Ian Berry, Chris Burton SHIPS Link
Geosa Ltd. Sponsor, Diving operations, research, Nigel Boston
Metta Catharina Trust Supporter, Ian Skelton, Colin Hannaford
MSubs Ltd. Sponsor, Consultancy, Training, A7 Project, Brett Phaneuf SHIPS Link
Nautical Archaeology Society Supporter, Mark Beattie-Edwards, Sarah Ward, Mary Harvey SHIPS Link
Osiris Projects Ltd. Sponsor, Multibeam research, Iain Bones
Pelydryn Ltd. Sponsor, Andy Waddington
Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery Supporter, Fiona Pitt, Nigel Overton
Queen's Harbour Master Authority, Neil Trathen
Receiver of Wreck Authority, Rebecca Tye
R2Sonic LLC Sponsor, Multibeam research, Jesper Høejdal SHIPS Link
Plymouth Yacht Haven Ltd. Sponsor, yacht berthing and shipwreck museum SHIPS Link
Rame History Group Supporter, Roger Collins
The Receiver of Wreck Authority, Alison Kentuck SHIPS Link
Sonardyne International Ltd. Sponsor since 1994 on numerous projects, John Partridge, Simon Partridge, Nigel Kelland SHIPS Link
Sonar Equipment Ltd. Sponsor, Sonar research, Les Ford
Swathe Services Ltd. Sponsor, Multibeam research, Liberty70, Jennycliff Wall, James Williams SHIPS Link
South West Maritime History Society Supporter, David Clement, Martin Hazell
Ultrabeam Hydrographic Ltd. Supporter, geophysical surveys, Gabriel Walton SHIPS Link
University of Bristol Supporter, fieldwork, Kimberly Monk SHIPS Link

The SHIPS Project Crew

The SHIPS Project Crew members are liosted below:

Vic Abbott SHIPS Hydrographer, University of Plymouth (rtd), Geophysics
Alan Bax SHIPS Researcher, POP Fort Bovisand, PMARIG, SHIPS Founder
Peter Bernardes SHIPS Diver 2012 - present, Jennycliff Wall, Amethyst, Explorer
Nigel Boston SHIPS Diver, skipper, DSV Terschelling, Explorer, Geophysics
Ashley Boxall SHIPS Diver, Amethyst, Research, Deep Explorer
Adam Bush SHIPS Researcher
Kevin Camidge SHIPS Diver, archaeologist, CISMAS, Jennycliff Wall, Geophysics
April Cunningham SHIPS Diver Intern, A7 Project, Amethyst, Explorer, Jennycliff Wall
Paul Dart SHIPS Diver, SHIPS Founder, Explorer, Geophysics
Sarah Dashfield SHIPS Diver, Totnes BSAC, Explorer
Martin Davis SHIPS Diver, Explorer, Geophysics
Jez Davies SHIPS Diver, Amethyst, Explorer
Steve Fletcher SHIPS Diver, Jennycliff Wall, Amethyst, Explorer
Nicola Fyfe SHIPS Researcher, Royal Navy wrecks
Rob George SHIPS Diver, Coronation Project, Explorer
Sarah Goss SHIPS Diver, OUUEG, Explorer
John Greenough SHIPS Diver, SHIPS Founder, Explorer, Geophysics
Mallory Haas SHIPS Director, A7 Project, Amethyst, Explorer, Foreshore, Jennycliff Wall, Geophysics
James Hancock SHIPS Diver, Intern, Explorer, Geophysics
Fred Harrison SHIPS Diver, Researcher, Explorer
Jonathan Harrison SHIPS Diver, Explorer
Dr. Alex Hildred SHIPS Diver, Archaeologist, Mary Rose Trust, Explorer
Prof. Steve Hill SHIPS Diver, University of Plymouth, Jennycliff Wall, Explorer
Tony Hillgrove SHIPS Diver, Deep Explorer
Keith Hiscock SHIPS Diver, Biologist, A7 Project
Fran Hockley SHIPS Diver, Deep Explorer, Foreshore
Peter Holt SHIPS Director, SHIPS Founder, A7 Project, Amethyst, Foreshore, Explorer, Hydrographer, Jennycliff
Krisztina Horvath-Nimmo SHIPS Diver, Totnes BSAC, Explorer
Paul Hurford SHIPS Diver, Sonardyne, Explorer, Geophysics
Ray Ives SHIPS Diver, Legend, Jennycliff Wall
Alec Jacobs SHIPS Diver, Totnes BSAC, Explorer
Gwyn Jones SHIPS Hydrographer, University of Plymouth, Geophysics
Richard Knights SHIPS Diver, Totnes BSAC, Explorer
Roger Libby* SHIPS Diver, Amethyst
Rosemarie Longfield SHIPS Diver, Totnes BSAC, Explorer
Peter McBride SHIPS Researcher, Coronation Project
Innes McCartney SHIPS Diver, Shipwreck researcher, A7 Project
Allen Murray SHIPS Diver, A7 Project, Jennycliff Wall, Amethyst, Explorer
Trevor Newman SHIPS Researcher
Malcolm Nimmo SHIPS Diver, Totnes BSAC, Explorer
Nick Nutt SHIPS Diver, All Boat Services, Explorer
Derek Palmer SHIPS Diver, Explorer, Foreshore
Dave Page SHIPS Researcher, Explorer
Jon Parlour SHIPS Diver, SHIPS Founder, Explorer, Deep Explorer
Dave Peake SHIPS Diver, Amethyst, Explorer
David Pelly SHIPS Diver, A7 Project, Explorer, Deep Explorer
Jose Quijano SHIPS Diver, Intern, A7 Project, Explorer
Giles Richardson SHIPS Diver, Archaeologist, University of Oxford, Amethyst, Explorer
Jon Reynolds SHIPS Diver, Intern, A7 Project, Amethyst, Jennycliff Wall, Explorer, Geophysics
Dom Robinson SHIPS Diver, Deep Explorer
Steve Roue SHIPS Diver, Falmouth Divers Ltd., Explorer
Richard Rowley SHIPS Diver, Volunteer intern 2012, Explorer
Aimee Scorziello SHIPS Researcher, ProMare
Simon Scott SHIPS Diver, Amethyst, Foreshore, Explorer
David Smith SHIPS Researcher, Author
Jim Stone SHIPS Diver, Sonardyne, Explorer
Matt Taylor SHIPS Diver, University of Oxford, Dive Team 2012, Explorer
Simon Temple SHIPS Diver, Totnes BSAC, Explorer
Joe Tidball SHIPS Diver, Photographer, Explorer, Deep Explorer
Tom Walter SHIPS Diver, OUUEG, Amethyst, Explorer
Stew Wareing SHIPS Diver, Volunteer intern 2012, Jennycliff Wall, Amethyst, Foreshore, Explorer, Geophysics
Mike Williams SHIPS Diver, Shipwreck law expert, Jennycliff Wall, Foreshore
James Williams SHIPS Diver, Explorer, Geophysics
Sophie Winton SHIPS Diver, Volunteer intern 2012, Explorer, Foreshore, Geophysics
Richard Wood SHIPS Diver, Totnes BSAC, Explorer

Dive Crew

Simon Adey-Davies, Barrie Arch, Richard Baker, Bob Batten, Adam Bolton, Barry Cantwell, Jeremy Clark, David Cormack, Alan Crossey, Adrian Campbell, Ian Cundy, Roger Dadds*, Pete Dahle*, Paul Downs, Chris Dykes, Paul Hurford, Catherine Gill, Steve Collingwood, Pete Flaxman*, Grainne O'Flynn, Paul Harris, Mike Holwill, Clare Jelinska, Jason Keverne, Jim Kilty, Tris Lethaby, Lisa McLernon, Sean McTierney, John Mellor, Nick Miles, Annette Millar, Tony Milne, Simon Mitchell, John O'Brien, Nick Parsons, Greg Partridge, Dave Peake, John Potton, Mark Prior, Jon Roberts, Steven Robinson, Ali Roy, Tony Sardu, Josie Scobling, John Shelley, Will Schwarz, Kirstie Sims, Derek Smith, Hanna Steyne, Jean Strong, Andy Tristram, Jim Tyson, Janet Witheridge, Robin Witheridge, Terry Woodcock, Scott Yeardley, Sonardyne Dolphins BSAC, Plymouth Sound Dive Club, Totnes BSAC

Foreshore Crew

Katie Baker, Jim Bond, Adam Bush, Paul Dart, Hugh McHarry, Fran Hockley, Meirwen Jenking-Rees, Stephen Johnson, Lewis May, Joe Radmore, Derek Palmer, Giles Richardson, Simon Scott, Dave Smith, Jo Stirling, Prof. Robert Stone, Garry Telloke*, Stew Wareing, Ruth Willcox, Mike Williams, Sophie Winton


Mildred Aupied*, Alan Bax, Glen Blache, Ash Boxall, Jan Carpenter, John Cotton, Rex Cowan, Alan Down, Brian Jones, Richard Larn OBE; Peter McBride, Peter Mitchell, Bob Reid, Trevor Waigt, Charles Whitehead

The SHIPS Project

University of Plymouth:


Vic Abbott, Hydrography; Aaron Barrett, ASV; Dr Harry Bennett, History; Adam Bolton, Hydrography; Janet Burroughes, Hydrography; Ginge Crook, DMC; Mark Hagger, Diving; Gwyn Jones, Hydrography; Dr Jason Lowther, Law; Helen Nance; Dr Derek Pilgrim, Ocean Science; Steve Rice, ASV; Sue Syson, Diving; Mick Whelan, Diving;


Charlotte Alexander, Stuart Bridges, David Crampton, Martin Davis, Michael Dougal, Simon Gibbs, Tom Hanford, Matthew Howell, Steve Keedwell, Arthur Laloe, Paul Neave, Ellie Orum, Jack Poleykett, Fiona Stewart, Elizabeth Swann, Gregory Tan, Amelie Thebault plus many others.

Thanks Also To:

Roy Ackland, Frank Allen, John Allan, pottery expert; Stevie Allen; Richard Anderson, Berit Antonsen-Mortlock, diver; David Aris; Mildred Aupied, eyewitness; Jack Baker & Sarah Vanstone; Paul Barnett, Grant Bettinson, archaeologist; Dr John Betts; Glen Blache; Philip Bond; Dave Boon; Jaco Boshoff, archaeologist; David Bowen, researcher; Ruth Brown, gun expert; Chris Burton, Richard Butterworth, Wendy Cahill; researcher; Jan Carpenter, historian; Nikki Chaplin, Calstock Parish Archive; Steve Clarkson, diver; Patrick Collins, Spencer Collins, hydrographer; Alec Collyer; Bob Cook; Jonathan Copp; Rex Cowan, historian; Rob Crook, Sonardyne; Cyberheritage,

Howard Davies; Martin Davies, photographer; Martin Dean*, archaeologist; Rob Dixon, John Doohan, Alan Down, Diver; John Doohan; Ken Ellis*; Richard Endsor, researcher; Purvis Evans, eyewitness; Roger Forster; Stephen Fryer;

Jim Gill*, POP Fort Bovisand; Les Goodacre; Charlie Goudge, archaeologist; Ashley Gould, archaeologist; Neil Griffin, diver; John Grundy; Nicholas Hall, gun expert; Gary Hicks*, historian; David Hockings; Steve Hole; Malcolm Holden, researcher; Tony Holtham, historian; Mike House, diver; Daniel Hughes, archaeologist;

Mark James, MSDS Marine; Stephane Jasinski, diver; Martin Johns; James H.C. Johnson; Stephen Johnson, historian; Brian Jones; Kester Keighley, archaeologist; Robert Kemp, Elizabeth Kent, Richard Kings, Ceeking; Alan Kittridge; Greg Knapton; David and Jill Lane, Calstock; Alan Lane, Deepwater; Julie Lawrence, postcards; Ian H Lane, photo; Wally Layne, eyewitness; Peter LeFevre, researcher; Richard Lewis at The Crete Fleet, Andy Liddell, MOD Salvage; Ash Lindsay; Glen Lindsay, Maid Maggie II; Steve Liscoe, archaeologist;

Kendall McDonald*, historian; Jane Maddocks, Liz Madigan; Helen Manley; Dr Colin Martin, archaeologist; Dave Martin; Helen Martin, photo; Josh Martin, Law; Andy Miller; Joyce Mitchell; Joseph Mortimer; Kimberley Monk, archaeologist; Mike Munson, naval architect; Nigel Nayling, dendro expert; Trevor Newman, researcher; Bob and Mary Newson, eyewitness; Peter Northover, metallurgy expert; Neville Oldham*, diver; Sheilah Openshaw, researcher;

Ian Panter, conservation; Mark Pearce, diver; Steve Pearce, historian; Mike Pearn, Holland 1; Barry Perrins, RNLI; Sue Pillar-Lea; Mark Redknap, archaeologist; Bob Reid, diver; Philip Robertson, archaeologist; Abigail Rochester, Stuart Rountree, diver; Chris Ruse, archaeologist;

John Salvatore, archaeologist; Damien Sanders, archaeologist; George Sandford*, diver; Chrissy Santic-Linford; Michael Schneider, John W. Brown; Margaret Screech; Rob Shaw; Pete Scienewicz; Amiee Scorziello, ProMare; Margaret Screech, Lisa Shafe, BATSAC; Jon Sharfman, archaeologist; David Sharland; John Shelley; Andy Sheffield; Nick Sheraton, Sonardyne; Chris Smart, archaeologist; Kay Smith, gun expert; David Spiller, diver; Heather Stewart, conservator; Jo (Davies) Stirling, hydrographer; Prof. Robert Stone, VR expert; Mel Sullivan, diver; Ray Sutciffe*, media; Barbie Thompson, historian; Lindsay Thomas, ProMare; David Thompson, archaeologist USA; Freddie Tones, diver; Christopher Turner; Sally Turner;

Jo Ulewicz, diver; Chris Underwood, NAS, PMARIG; Reg Vallentine, historian; John Vaudin, diver; Greg Walker, Sonardyne; Jenny Walrond, media; Michael Walsh, archaeologist; Sarah Ward, archaeologist; West Bay Discovery Centre, Charles Whitehead; Dave Willman; Terry Woodcock; Steve Wright, Seeker;

And all the other divers, researcher, hydrographic surveyors and shipwreck enthusiasts who have contributed to this project.

* Deceased.

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