Latitude 50° 18.375 N
Longitude 004° 14.755 W
Depth 33m
Accuracy 5m
Location Description Off Rame Head
Reference UKHO 17946
Craft type Barge
Date built 1903
Year of loss 1905
Manner of loss Foundered
Outcome Abandoned
Construction Steel, riveted
Propulsion None
Nationality United Kingdom
Departure port Rotterdam
Destination port Briton Ferry
Hull length 37m
Hull beam 10m
Hull displacement 150 tons
Cargo Ballast
Armament None

Rame Barge

AKA: Leen

The Rame Barge lies 1.8km south-west of Rame Head in 33m depth. The barge is 21m long by 6m wide and stands 2.5m proud of the sand and low reef seabed. It is a hopper barge constructed from rivetted steel plate, with doors that open at the bottom and the chains and gantry for controlling the doors still in place.

The wreck has been tentatively identified as the Leen which was a 150 ton dumb barge built in 1903, she was reported to have foundered 3 miles south-west of Rame Head in 1905 on a voyage from Rotterdam in Holland to Briton Ferry in Wales.

Diving the Rame Barge

The barge is constructed around a large rectangular cargo hold, the fore and aft bulkheads of which form enclosed areas at the bow and stern and there is a hatch down into the forward space. There must have been hatch covers on the barge since there’s a central rod that runs the length of the barge with gearing on at least one end. There is a hole in the rear bulkhead of the above forward space, giving a view into and through to the open sea via a large gap in the starboard side. There’s the remains of what looks to have been a water tank near one of the bulkheads.

The seabed around the barge is littered with debris including ceramics, clay pipes and small calibre ammunition. This is probably from premature dumping of rubbish from ships on their way to the Rame dump site as a trail of it runs through here from Penlee Point heading west.


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Rame Barge

Diver on the Rame Barge (Dom Robinson)

Rame Barge

Opening mechanism on the Rame Barge (Dom Robinson)

Rame Barge

Multibeam image of the Rame Barge (Royal Navy)