Latitude 50° 19.60 N
Longitude 004° 14.71 W
Depth 18m
Accuracy 100m
Object Type Cartridge Case
Material Metal Copper Alloy
Description 3" Cartridge case
Markings See text
Length 420mm
Diameter 115.5mm (3 inch)
Condition Good
Completeness 100%
Number of items 1
Location Description James Eagan Layne

Liberty 70 3in Cartridge Case (13A02)

This cartridge case was recovered in 1973 from next to the wreck of the Liberty ship S.S. James Eagan Layne. The markings on the base show that it is a Quick Firing (QF) 3 inch for a 20 cwt gun made in 1940 by ICI, lot number 400. The broad arrow shows that it has been accepted for service and 'N' indicates naval service. The primer was made in 1942 and the 'RF' indicates a rim firing primer. The cartridge and projectile were made as one single unit.

This is the only 3in cartridge case known to have been recovered from the James Eagan Layne and would have been part of the ammunition for the forward gun mounted on the bows. Many 5 inch cartridge cases and shells from the stern gun have been recovered from the wreck, such as 11A06. When the ship was beached in Whitsand Bay the bows were clear of the water for some time so it is thought that the 3in ammunition for the forward gun was recovered at that time.

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Base of the shell case showing markings


11A06 5in Cartridge Case

Liberty 70 Project

Wreck - James Eagan Layne