Latitude 50° 19.60 N
Longitude 004° 14.71 W
Depth 18m
Object Type Cartridge case
Material Metal: Copper alloy
Description Cartridge case from a 5in deck gun
Diameter 157mm max.
Height 680mm
Weight 5.4 kg
Markings See text
Condition Good
Completeness 100 %
Number of items 1
Location Description James Eagan Layne, Plymouth

Liberty 70 5in Cartridge Case (11A06)

This cartridge or powder case forms part of the ammunition for the 5 inch (38 calibre) deck gun mounted on the stern of the Liberty ship S.S. James Eagan Layne. The case is a brass cylinder closed at one end which held the smokeless powder propelling charge and a case combination primer (1).

On the base of the case is marked: FSC, 4, 1944, 5in MK5 38CAL, Lot No 190 BFT

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(1) Wikipedia 5in/38 Calibre Gun

Operating Instructions for Five Inch, 38 Caliber, Gun Crews, February 1943