Name 88A01 Copper Ingot
Latitude 50° 18.364 N
Longitude 004° 13.394 W
Depth 30m
Accuracy 200m
Object Class Cargo
Object Type Ingot
Material Metal : Copper
Description Copper Ingot found by Colin Hannaford
Date Found 1988
Collect Method Recovered
Recovery Ref. Colin Hannaford
Recorded by Meeks N.
Length 140mm
Weight 1.6 kg
Condition Good
Completeness 100 %
Number of items 1
Part number 1
Location Description Off Rame Head
Provisional Date Bronze age
Museum Name  

Copper Ingot (88A01)

Cast ingot smelted from tin rich copper ore. Recovered by Colin Hannaford in 1988.

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Meeks, N., 1990, The examination of a sample from a copper ingot found off Plymouth, Devon, IJNA 19.2, Nautical Archaeology Society, , p153-156