Site Coronation
Site Code PLYCOR
Latitude 50° 18.96 N
Longitude 004° 11.68 W
Depth 8m
Accuracy 50m
Object Type Gunner's Ladle
Material Copper Alloy
Markings None
Length 501mm
Width 120mm
Thickness 1.2mm
Condition Average
Completeness 50%
Number of items 1
Location Description Coronation Inshore

Gunner's Ladle (82A01)

A gunner's ladle found on the Coronation Inshore site in 1982.

All that remains is the dented metal scoop from the ladle, originally a long wooden handle would have been attached. The ladle is formed from a sheet of copper alloy 1.2mm thick rolled into a half round shape and formed into a scoop at one end. A 32mm wide half round strip of copper sheet is fixed to the ladle using four rivets, this forms a complete band of metal that would wrap round the end fixing on the wooden handle. The handle was attached using with seven square section copper alloy nails 21mm long driven through both the ladle and the strip.

At the time of the loss of the Coronation in 1691 these tools were used for extracting charges from a loaded gun.

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Gunners ladle

Gunner's Ladle (SHIPS Project / P. McBride)


Gunners ladle

Gunner's Ladle drawing(SHIPS Project / P. McBride)



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