Object Type Anchor
Material Stone - basalt?
Description Sand anchor
Length 500mm
Width 306mm
Height 140mm
Weight ~20kg
Condition Good
Completeness 100 %
Location Description Plymouth Sound, north
Seabed type Silt

Stone Anchor (17A01)

This stone anchor was recovered from the north end of Plymouth Sound. This anchor is 500mm tall, 306mm wide and 140mm thick, made from basaltic rock pierced with three holes, the hole at the narrow end is approximately 30mm x 30mm and the two holes at the wider end are approximately 45mm x 30mm. The anchor is carefully shaped suggesting that it was intended to be re-used rather than used once and abandoned.

The design suggests that this is a typical sand anchor which would have been attached to a rope through the hole at the narrow end and was fitted with two wooden pegs through the other two holes. This type of anchor is common in the Mediterranean but this is only the second example of this design found in this area, see 12A01.


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Stone Anchor
Stone Anchor
Stone Anchor
Stone Anchor

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