Object Type Anchor
Material Stone
Description Three hole stone anchor
Length 335 mm
Width 245 mm
Weight 10.0 kg
Markings None
Condition Good, eroded
Completeness 100%
Number of items 1
Location Description Off Rame Head
Seabed type Sand

Stone Anchor (12A01)

This small three hole stone anchor was found off Rame Head. The single hole at the top would be used to attach a rope while the pair of holes near the base would hold wooden pegs, then deployed these pegs would dig in and provide extra grip on the seabed.

The holes are roughly made and the stone itself is well eroded. The style is different from the other 3 hole stone anchors found off Plymouth (11A01, 11A19, 12A05) and is closer to the style commonly found in the Mediterranean.

This type of anchor was referred to as 'Byzantine-Arab' by Honor Frost (1).

See 10A11 for details about the other single hole stone anchors found in the Plymouth area.

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10A11 Stone Anchor

(1) Frost H., 1963, Under the Mediterranean, Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., p49