Latitude 50° 19.60 N
Longitude 004° 14.71 W
Depth 18m
Object Type Cartridge case
Material Metal: Copper alloy
Description 20mm diameter cartridge case from an Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun
Diameter 25mm max.
Height 109mm
Markings See text
Condition Good
Completeness 100 %
Number of items 1
Location Description James Eagan Layne, Plymouth
Accuracy 5m
Seabed type In wreck

Liberty 70 Cartridge Case (11A09)

This 20mm cartridge case was part of the ammunition for the eight Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns mounted on the the James Eagan Layne. This Mk4 case was manufactured in 1944 by Ecko Products Co, Chicago, IL (1). This case has not been fired and was originally found with its projectile.

On the base of the case is marked: E.K. 1944, 20MM Mk4

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Liberty 70 Project

Wreck - James Eagan Layne

(1) US Navy 20mm Cartridge Cases