Latitude 50° 21.7 N
Longitude 004° 10.2 W
Depth 20m
Accuracy 200m
Object Type Vessel
Material Ceramic : Earthenware
Description Earthenware vessel with handles
Diameter 176mm max
Height 355mm
Condition Average
Completeness 90%
Location Description Off Cremyll
Seabed type Silt

Vessel (10A10)

This earthenware vessel was recovered from the Tamar near Cremyll. The body and two handles are intact but the top of the neck is missing.

The vessel is decorated with two rings of very regular 2mm square marks 1mm apart that go around around the upper part of the body. No other marks are visible. The two handles are roughly applied and overlie the decoration where the handles attach at the lower end. The body and neck appear to have been made in two pieces as the join is visible on one side.

One side of the vessel is clean while the other is covered in marine growth suggesting it was found lying on its side on the seabed.

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10A10 drawing