Latitude 50° 20.250 N
Longitude 004° 07.707 W
Accuracy 5m
Object Class Ordnance
Object Type Gun
Material Metal : Iron
Description Gun used as a mooring bollard
Collect Method In situ
Length 1.004m visible
Condition Good
Completeness 100 %
Location Description Fort Bovisand pier

Bovisand Pier Gun (10A03)

This gun has been mounted muzzle upwards on the end of the pier at Fort Bovisand to be used as a mooring bollard. Only 1m of the length of the gun is visible with the breech and trunnions buried in the pier. The bore of the gun is 110mm (4.3in).

This gun is shown in an early photograph of Fort Bovisand so may have been installed when the pier was completed in 1824.

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10A03 Bovisand


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