Name 10A01 Stone Anchors
Object Type Anchor
Material Stone - sandstone
Description Stone anchor, sandstone
Length 350mm
Width 260mm
Height 150mm
Weight 18kg
Condition Good
Completeness 100 %
Number of items 1
Location Description East of Erme Estuary
Accuracy Unknown
Seabed type Rock and fine sand

Stone Anchor (10A01)

This stone anchor was recovered from west of the Erme Estuary where it was found with a number of others. This anchor is made from sandstone and the 25mm diameter hole through it shows tool marks as if it had been made using a small pointed chisel. See 10A11 for details about this object.

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10A01 Drawing


Found with 10A14, 10A13, 10A12, see 10A11 also 09A14, 09A20