Latitude 50° 21.726 N
Longitude 004° 07.699 W
Depth 5m
Object Type Knee
Material Organic : wood
Description Knee from the Cattewater wreck
Length 790mm
Width 580mm
Height 140mm
Condition Good
Completeness 100 %
Number of items 1
Location Description Cattewater
Accuracy 20m
Seabed type Silt

Cattewater Wreck Knee (09A19)

This knee was believed to have been recovered from the Cattewater wreck, a medieval armed merchantman that sank in the Cattewater and was discovered in 1973.

The knee is made of a naturally curved piece of timber, is pierced through with five large holes of which three contain remains of trenails. The mortice cut into the side of the knee also includes an 8mm square nail hole. There are no records of this timber within the archive from the Cattewater wreck.

One other knee (CW76 36 or 45) was recovered from the site in 1976. This was also formed from a naturally curved piece of timber, probably a branch, but included a large waney area over its surface. This timber had only been roughly dressed.

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