Latitude 50° 21.7192 N
Longitude 004° 07.6875 W
Depth 5m
Object Type Shoes
Material Leather
Description Leather shoe fragments, rope
Condition Good, conserved
Number of items 4
Location Description Cattewater wreck
Accuracy 10m
Seabed type Silt

Cattewater Wreck Shoes (77CW174 etc)

Finds recovered from Fort Bovisand December 2009

Finds No.             Description from label and comments

73CW23               Base of Mallet shape wine bottle 115mm diameter

76CW10               Part of lasting margin of sole, probably heel end.  Not flesh-edge seam and therefore either a repair or post 1600

77CW151             Strap.  Probably too large for a shoe.  Belt?

77CW174             Lab No 77/0/L5.  Right foot forepart sole with edge flesh seam, 5 stitches/in.  Broken at waist and part of the lasting margin missing.  Poss. Pair to 135
77CW174             Lab No. 77 Leather 5.  Part of lasting margin of quarters.  Ditto of sole forepart with straight cut, again implying cobbling lace.  Part upper with ? side seam and scalloped and pierced edge; ? slot for lace.  Part of upper ?. post 1600, 4 stitches/in

77CW234             Rope fragment 9.6mm diameter 95mm long

77CW256             Part of quarters of shoe with side seam 8.5 stitches/in

78CW66               Heel seat, post 1600

78CW252A          Vamp of square ? toed shoe 1530s style.  Only 2 stitch holes remain with 0.45in stitch length, i.e. stitching incomplete unless lasting margin has been subsequently cut off implying cobbling
78CW252             Lamina from 252A

78CW286             Strap, probably not from shoe

78CW300             2 parts of upper lasting margin, 6.5 stitches/in

78CW300             Part of delaminated vamp with section of seam, 5 stitches / in

78CW360             9 rope fragments, Z laid, 14mm diameter, longest 80mm

78CW366             Right sole man’s blunt pointed toe.  .  Early 17th C.  Most of lasting margin missing.  About 3.5 stitches/in

78CW370             2 laminated upper with pierced design in triangular shape, probably from the quarters.  Early 17thC
78CW370             Heel seat and parts of welt of same shoe.  Early 17th C
78CW370             Vamp, 4.5 stitches/in.  Early 17th C
78CW370             Part vamp and quarters with stitch holes

? CW ?                 Right foot sole 230mm long.  Label missing.

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Cattewater Wreck

Cattewater Wreck, 3H Consulting Ltd

Redknap M., 1984, The Cattewater Wreck: The investigation of an armed vessel of the early sixteenth century, BAR British Series 131 NMN ARC. Series no 8, Oxford