Hulks and Foreshore Wrecks - River Plym and Cattewater Area

The Laira has been used as a place to abandon boats for centuries. The remains of the earliest abandoned ships will now be under landfill as much of the foreshore is reclaimed land. Many vessels were reported to have been abandoned in the river but nothing now remains visible due to the combined action of dredging, natural erosion and increased sediment levels. There are likely to be keels and floors of a number of boats in the river, hidden by a thin layer of mud.

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Anje Cattedown 1 Ocean Maid Plym Dredger Laira Bridge Barges Prince Rock 1 Oreston 1 Sutton Harbour hulks La Petite Stephanie Patrina Pomphlett 1 Lotus Bleu Swift Plym Hulks Plym Hulks

Hulks In This Area

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Name Location Date Description
Anje Pomphlett Lake 1968 French motor fishing vessel
Antelope Laira 1906 Brixham trawler
Baltic Surveyor Oreston 1943 WWII German torpedo boat, converted
Batten Bay 1 Mount Batten Unknown Unknown
Cattedown 1 Cattedown Unknown Steel barge
Edwin Pomphlett Lake 1880 Tamar barge built in Cattedown
Laira 1 Laira Unknown Small steel boat
Laira Bridge 1 & 2 Laira Bridge Unknown Steel barge and unknown motor vessel
La Petite Stephanie Sutton Harbour 1956 Guernsey motor fishing vessel
Lively Blagdon's Yard, Crabtree 1892 Passenger ferry
Lotus Bleu Pomphlett Lake 1967 French crabber / trawler
Mainland Pomphlett Lake 1945 Danish fishing vessel
Ocean Maid Laira 1967 Scottish motor fishing vessel
Oreston 1 & 2 Oreston, Bayly's Wharf Unknown Steel barges used to build a slipway
Other Plym hulks Cattewater, Laira Unknown Other vessels in this area
Patrina Sutton Harbour 1900 Admiralty steam pinnace
Plym Cattedown Unknown Dredger
Prince Rock 1 Laira Unknown Unknown timber vessel
Swift Turnchapel 1877 Turnchapel passenger ferry
NS660 and barge Sutton Harbour Unknown Steam barge and dumb barge
Tavy Sutton Harbour 1889 Smack

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