Laira 1

Hulk of an unknown small steel boat abandoned on the Embankment, Laira, Plymouth.


The boat is largely intact, 5m long by 1.8m wide, it was abandoned on the beach before 2001, see pictures 1 - 3.

The boat has not been identified.

Location and Access

Embankment, Laira, Plymouth

The boat can be seen on the beach at Blagdon's Meadow.

Position OS: SX 50229 54908
Position GPS: 50.374958, -4.107619
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Other Laira Hulks

Hulk of two unknown and unidentified approximately 8m long vessels abandoned by the Embankment in the Laira, Plymouth.

Position OS: SX 50283 55051
Position GPS: 50.376255, -4.106907

Position OS: SX 50344 55092
Position GPS: 50.376640, -4.106071

These vessels can be seen from the beach at Blagdon's Meadow, see picture 4.

There are also a number of keels and other ship structure partly buried in the foreshore alongside Blagdon's Meadow.


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