Hulks and Foreshore Wrecks - Hooe or Radford Lake

It is thought that Hooe or Radford Lake has been a place where boats have been abandoned for centuries. It is a likely spot and has all the requirements, mainly that the Lake is shallow and tidal so boats can be abandoned at high tide yet still accessed when the tide receded. The lake is sheltered from all but the worst weather and the owners of the foreshore allowed boats to be abandoned there. There is access by road so salvaged ships' timbers and fittings can be carried away as the ships are dismantled. The remains of more than 30 vessels can still be seen in the lake and there are likely to be the remains of others hidden under the mud so it is a great place to explore our maritime heritage.

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Roger Hooe Tugs Two Brothers UXB Hooe Lake Charles Leake II Cornubia Bulla Leader Hooe Lake 6 Hooe Boatyard Alice Dolphin

Hulks In This Area

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Name Location BuiltDescription
Acacia Hooe Boatyard, East Unknown Fishing boat
Alfred Rooker Hooe Lake, East 1876 Ketch
Alice Hooe Lake, North 1868 Steamship, possibly the tug Alice
Amazon Hooe Lake, West 1866 Ketch
Arthur Hooe Lake, East Unknown Timber lighter
Bertie Hooe Lake, East 1901 Thames barge
Bertie Hooe Lake, North Tamar barge [possible]
Bon Ami Hooe Boatyard, East 1957 Scottish trawler
Bulla Hooe Lake, West 1873 Jersey schooner
Charles Leake II Hooe Lake, East 1946 Admiralty MFV
Cornubia Hooe Lake, East 1896 Millbrook steam
Coronella Hooe Lake, off Hooe Quay Unknown Ketch, unknown
Dolphin Hooe Lake, North Unknown Schooner, unknown
Flete Lady Hooe Boatyard, West 1958 Trawler built in Plymouth
Floralie Hooe Boatyard, West 1977 French trawler
Happy Venture Hooe Lake, off Hooe Quay 1953 Salcombe crabber
Harbour Launches Hooe Lake, East 1947 Two harbour launches
Hooe Lake 1 Hooe Lake, East Unknown Fishing boat, unknown
Hooe Lake 2 Hooe Lake, East Unknown Unknown fibreglass boat
Hooe Lake 3 Hooe Lake, East Unknown Unknown large vessel, possible schooner
Hooe Lake 4 Hooe Lake, East Unknown Unknown vessel, possible Tamar barge
Hooe Lake 5 Hooe Lake, East Unknown Unknown vessel
Hooe Lake 8 Hooe Boatyard, East Unknown Yacht, unknown
Hooe Lake 9 Hooe Boatyard, East Unknown Fishing boat, unknown
Hooe Lake 10 Hooe Boatyard, East Unknown Steel barge
Hooe Lake 11 Hooe Boatyard, West Unknown Small steel tug
Hooe Boatyard Hooe Lake - Collection of hulks around the boatyard
John Sims Hooe Lake, East 1873 Schooner
Leader Hooe Lake 1867 Turnchapel pilot cutter
Dignity Hooe Boatyard, East Unknown Fishing boat
Jade Hooe Boatyard, East 1940 Motor launch
Pearl Hooe Lake, East 1840 Tamar barge [possible]
Roger Hooe Lake, East 1947 Motor fishing vessel, then houseboat
Silver Seagull Hooe Boatyard, West 1964 Belgian trawler
Wendew Hooe Lake, East 1912 Brixham trawler
Other Vessels Hooe Lake Unknown Other vessels once in Hooe Lake


Aerial View of Hooe Lake

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Hooe Lake Bertie Dolphin Alice Bertie Hooe Lake Roger Hooe Lake 1 Wendew Hooe Lake 4 Cornubia Amazon Coronella Hooe Boatyard Cornubia

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