Hulks and Foreshore Wrecks - Hooe Lake

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Roger Hooe Tugs Two Brothers UXB

Hulks In This Area

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Name Location Description
Admiralty Tugs Hooe Lake, East Two WWII Admiralty tugs
Alfred Rooker Hooe Lake, West Ketch built in 1876
Amazon Hooe Lake, West Ketch built in 1866
Arthur Hooe Lake, East Timber lighter, date unknown
Bertie Hooe Lake, East Thames barge built in 1901
Bertie Hooe Lake, North Tamar barge
Bulla Hooe Lake, West Schooner built in 1873 [not present]
Cornubia Hooe Lake, East Millbrook steam ferry [possible]
Coronella Hooe Lake, West Ketch
Dolphin Hooe Lake, North Schooner
Hooe Lake 1 Hooe Lake, East Fishing boat
Hooe Lake 2 Hooe Lake, East Unknown fibreglass boat
Hooe Lake 3 Hooe Lake, East Unknown large vessel, thought to be Pearl
Hooe Lake 4 Hooe Lake, East Unknown vessel, thought to be Cornubia
Steamship / Alice? Hooe Lake, North Steamship, possibly the tug Alice
Roger Hooe Lake, East Houseboat, ex-trawler built in 1947
Hooe Boatyard Hooe Lake Collection of hulks
Leader Hooe Lake Pilot cutter built in 1867
Pearl Hooe Lake, East Tamar barge built in 1840 [possible]
Two Brothers Hooe Lake, East Dutch barge
UXB Hooe Lake, East Ex-RN Pinnace, converted to a fishing boat
Wendew Hooe Lake, East Brixham trawler built in 1912

Aerial View of Hooe Lake

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Hooe Lake Bertie Dolphin Alice Bertie Hooe Lake Roger Hooe Lake 1

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