Name Round shot (09A06)
Latitude 50° 19.7739 N
Longitude 004° 07.4979 W
Depth 10m
Accuracy 100m
Location Description Andurn Point
Object Class Ordnance
Object Type Gun : Round shot
Material Metal : Iron : Cast
Diameter 153 mm (6 in)
Weight 12.7 kg (28 lb)

Round Shot (09A06)

Three round shot that were recovered for conservation experiment. One of the shot underwent conservation treatment (left), one was left in a garage stored dry but experiencing changes in heat and humidity (centre) and the other was left outside exposed to the elements. The conserved shot is in very good condition and weighs 28lb (12.7kg) after electrolysis treatment in sodium hydroxide. The unconserved shot stored dry is actively corroding but has not lost much of the original material. The shot which remained outdoors has lost a 10-15mm thick layer of material from all over the exposed surface and now weighs only 7.5 kg.

The shot were found in an area near Andurn Point known for finding cannonballs. It is commonly thought that the shot were fired from Fort Bovisand however these are too small for the guns mounted there.

Droit No. 414/09

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Round shot 09A06


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