Name 09A10
Latitude 50° 18.7336 N
Longitude 004° 11.8874 W
Depth 18m
Accuracy 20m
Object Type Nail
Material Metal : Copper Alloy
Description Copper nail
Length 122mm
Width 20mm
Diameter 9mm
Weight 75g
Condition Good
Completeness 100 %
Location Description Coronation Offshore
Seabed type Fine sand
Location Type Inboard : Wreck
Provisional Date 1691

Nail (09A10)

Copper alloy nail found on the Offshore Coronation site. The nail is 122mm long, 9mm square section tapered at the end with a 20mm diameter round head.

The Coronation site is littered with debris dumped from barges on their way to the dumping ground so this nail may not have come from the wreck of the Coronation.

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Coronation Wreck