Latitude 50° 20.4424 N
Longitude 004° 06.8168 W
Object Type Bellarmine Jar
Material Ceramic : Stoneware
Diameter 172mm
Height 294mm
Weight 2.18kg
Condition Good
Completeness 100 %

Bellarmine Jar (09A11)

A red salt glazed stoneware Bellarmine or Beardman jar with no bearded face decoration.

Stoneware jars like this one were used from medieval times until around 1700. They took their name from Cardinal Bellarmine who resembled the bearded face which commonly appeared on the pottery. The pots were fired in crates used in the cod fishing industry which gave the glaze a distinctive lustre.

Probably recovered from Plymouth Sound but the original location is unknown.

The jar shows signs of abrasion on one side forming a flattened area, the neck and the base are also abraded. The neck is distorted, bent forwards 15 degrees. The base is 92mm in diameter and the handle thickness is 18mm

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09A11 Drawing


Theobalds Palace

Avondster wreck, Galle Harbour, Sri Lanka