Latitude 50° 20.007 N
Longitude 004° 08.946 W
Accuracy Approximate
Object Class Ordnance
Object Type Gun
Material Metal : Coper alloy
Description Brass gun
Collect Method Recovered
Length 610mm
Condition Good
Completeness 100 %
Location Description Breakwater
Seabed type Sand
Provisional Date 1787

Pyke Gun (93A01)

'In 1993, a diver was exploring the area just off the Breakwater when a bright green glow told him that he was looking at a tube of brass. He thought at first that he had found a naval shellcase. Its weight told him that it was more than that. In fact, he had discovered a two-foot long brass gun made, according to the inscription on it by a well-known gunfounder "Thomas Pyke of Bridgwater" and dated 1787. It was on its own, lying in the open on the seabed and not apparently associated with any wreckage."

Fort Bovisand, McDonald K., p84

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McDonald K., 1997, Fort Bovisand, Wreckwalker Books, ISBN 0 9528637 1