Latitude 50° 20.06 N
Longitude 004° 08.94 W
Depth 15m
Accuracy 500m
Object Type Deadeye and strap
Material Timber and iron
Description Deadeye with iron strap and strop
Markings None
Length Unknown
Width Unknown
Height Unknown
Condition Average
Completeness 75%
Number of items 1
Location Description North of Breakwater

Deadeye (81A01)

A wooden deadeye with an iron strop around it and fitted to an iron strap, found north of the breakwater near the Breakwater Fort in 1981. The metal strap would have attached to the side of the ship with the wooden deadeye uppermost, with rope attaching it to a second deadeye itself attached to the standing rigging. The standing rigging was used to hold up the masts, different from the running rigging that was used to control spars and sails. By tensioning the rope between the deadeyes the tension on the standing rigging could be increased.

The deadeye may be made of lignum vitae, a particularly hard and resilient wood, as it has survived well without conservation.

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Deadeye and strap


Deadeyes used to tension the standing rigging