Object Type Round Shot
Material Cast iron
Description 32 lb round shot
Markings None

150mm (6 in)

Weight 32 lb
Condition Good, heavily concreted
Completeness 100%
Number of items 1
Location Description Jennycliff Bay

Cannonball, Round Shot (13A61)

This 150mm, 6in diameter cast iron round shot was recovered from the seabed in 2013. Originally heavily concreted, the concretion was removed before conservation started. On the surface of the iron shot and under the concretion were calcareous tubes made by small marine worms of the Serpulidae family, suggesting that the shot was exposed on the seabed for some time before the concretion formed.

This solid shot would have been fired from a 32 pdr cannon or carronade and was used to smash holes in the side of enemy ships.

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HMS Amethyst