Latitude 50° 21.912 N
Longitude 004° 06.520 W
Object Type Gun
Material Cast Iron
Description Heavly eroded


Gun attitute Unknown
Length 2161mm
Diameter 384mm
Condition Average
Completeness 100%
Number of items 1
Location Description Yacht Haven Drystack, Oreston

Gun (13A37)

A cannon displayed at Yacht Haven Quay, Oreston. The gun is heavily eroded with no mouldings visible and shows signes of having been recovered from the sea. The gun was probably used as a mooring bollard and was found on site during redevelopment work.

Base ring to muzzle

1975mm (6ft 6in)

Overall length

2161mm (7ft 1in)

Base ring diameter

384mm (3.12 in)

Base ring to trunnion CL

Not Possible

Trunnion offset

Not Possible

Trunnion diameter

Not Possible


150mm approx (5.5 - 6in)

Muzzle swell diameter


Trunnion offset


Trunnion width - distance between faces



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Overall view of the cannon

Side elevation of the breech

View along the cannon from the breech