Latitude 50° 20.0 N
Longitude 004° 07.0 W
Depth 20m
Accuracy 200m
Object Type Sheave Wheel
Material Copper, Wood
Description Near complete sheave with only minimal erosion. Copper coak has "broad arrow" marking denoting Royal Navy vessel
Markings Broad arrow
Length 234mm
Width 40mm - 25mm (on Eroded edge)
Condition Minimal erosion
Completeness 90%
Number of items 1
Location Description Tamar?

Sheave, Pulley Wheel (13A16)

A nearly intact sheave or pulley wheel from a large block found in the Hamoaze. The sheave is made from lignum vitae, a hard and oily wood that preserves well underwater, and a brass coak or bearing in the centre. The coak is stamped with the broad arrow indicating that it was manufactured for the Royal Navy.

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Sheave or pulley wheel

Detail of copper alloy coak or bearing


Double pulley block with two sheave wheels