Latitude 50°21.51 N
Longitude 004° 07..99 W
Depth 5m
Accuracy 500m
Object Type Ships Fastening
Material Metal; Copper
Description A copper nail. Square profile with tip pinched flat. Flatened head and bent.
Markings None
Length 99mm (bent)
Width 4.7mm (Shaft) 8mm (head)
Diameter 30mm (inner circle diameter)
Height 4mm
Condition Average
Completeness 100%
Number of items 1
Location Description Jennycliff

Copper Nail (13A126b, c)

A square shank copper nail, with a chisel point. According to Henry Mercer, a 'chisel' point is characterized by the tapering of the shank to a point on two opposite sides, and to a flat on the other two. It is used in shipbuilding so as to be driven safely into wood that may be more prone to splitting. Its curved shape suggests that it may have been 'clenched' in order to better grip the wood after being driven through the planking (1).

All artefacts appear to have come from a vessel of the Royal Navy.

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Copper Nail

Square Shank Copper Nails (13A126b upper)

Copper Nail

Square Shank Copper Nails (13A126c to left of image)


(1) McCarthy, M. (2005) Ships' Fastenings: From Sewn Boat to Steamship. Texas; A&M University Press, pg 171