Object Type Axe head
Material Stone
Description Polished stone axe head, damaged
Length 130mm
Width 57.5mm
Thickness 32mm
Weight 375g
Markings See text
Condition Good
Completeness 100%
Number of items 1
Location Description Tavistock, Devon

Stone Axe Head (11A25)

This dark grey polished stone axe head was found in a garden in Brook Street, Tavistock. The stone is 130mm in overall length, has a maximum width of 57.5mm, a thickness of 32mm and weighs 375g. The stone is highly polished over all but retains a shallow flaw in one side that was too deep to be polished out. The sharpened end of the stone has been damaged and a 25 x 15mm flake is missing.

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11A25 Axe Head
11A25 Axe Head
11A25 Axe Head dwg


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