Latitude 50° 18.6 N
Longitude 004° 08.8 W
Depth 22m
Accuracy 300m
Object Type Sign
Material Metal - Copper alloy
Description Lifebuoy sign
Length 170mm
Width 60mm
Weight 0.18kg
Markings See text
Condition Good
Completeness 100%
Number of items 1
Location Description South of Breakwater
Seabed type Sand

Sign (11A22)

This copper alloy sign was found south of the Plymouth Breakwater that is a well known place for divers to find debris dumped on the seabed, most likely from the dockyard at Devonport dumped many years ago.

The sign is in two languages with German at the top and Spanish underneath. The German text says 'Rettung Sgürtel', which should correctly be spelled 'Rettungs-Gürtel' and means lifebuoy. The Spanish text says 'Boya Salvavida' which also means lifebuoy.

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