Object Class Refuse
Object Type Bottle
Material Ceramic : Stoneware
Description Liquid blacking bottle
Collect Method Recovered
Diameter 83mm
Height 180mm
Condition Good
Completeness 100%
Location Description Plymouth Sound
Seabed type Unknown
Provisional Date circa 1830

Bottle (10A09)

A stoneware bottle that once contained liquid blacking recovered from Plymouth Sound. The inscription on the bottle reads 'Warrens Liquid Blacking, 14 St Martins Lane, Charing Crofs (Cross)'.

Robert Warren manufactured and sold a liquid preservative used for keeping black leather supple or for colouring iron products such as stoves or fireplaces.

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Blacking Bottle (10A09)
Blacking Bottle


Charles Dickens, Warren's Blacking and the Chancery Court