Object Class Ordnance
Object Type Crowbar

Organic : Wood, Metal : Iron, Metal : Copper alloy

Description Hand spike for training guns
Condition Good
Completeness 100 %
Seabed type Silt

Crowbar (09A21)

This object was recovered from the seabed off Bull Point up the river Tamar just south of the Tamar Bridge. The wooden handle is 1.6m long 90 x 50mm at the thicker end tapering to 50 x 37mm. On the upper side of the thicker end is an iron plate and hook that can be used like a crowbar to lever up heavy weights. On the underside is an iron plate fitted with an axle that carries two copper alloy wheels 121mm in diameter. The wheels are stamped with one large broad arrow and many smaller, fainter 'WD' and broad arrow marks.

The broad arrow or pheon mark denotes property of the UK Government. Before 1855 BO (Board of Ordnance) with a broad arrow, after 1855 WD (War Department) and the broad arrow.

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Broad Arrow