Latitude 50° 21.17 N
Longitude 004° 08.00 W
Depth 10m
Accuracy Unknown, not found
Location Description Jennycliff Bay
Reference NMR 1067006
Craft type Tug
Date built 1885
Date of loss 30 April 1890
Manner of loss Rammed
Outcome Unknown
Construction Wood
Propulsion Steam screw
Nationality United Kingdom
Departure port Plymouth
Destination port Plymouth
Hull length  
Hull beam  
Hull displacement 18 tons
Armament None
Crew 3
Master Captain George Andrews
Owners Captain W. Jenkins

Steam Tug Lucy

The Lucy was a wooden steam tug boat built in 1885 which foundered in Jennycliff Bay in 1890, she had a single boiler powering a triple expansion steam engine, displaced 18 tons and had a crew of 3(1, 2). The Lucy was owned by Captain W Jenkins of Plymouth and at the time was fitted with water tanks and was employed as a water tender.

On Wednesday 30th April 1890, Captain George Andrews steered the Lucy into Plymouth Sound and headed for the steamship Ewo to give her water. The Ewo was lying just outside the Batten Breakwater with her head to the south-east so at 10:30 am the Lucy tied up on the starboard side. At 11:35 am having finished giving water to Ewo, the Lucy let go ropes and steamed gently ahead.

The Kingsbridge Packet commanded by Captain Taylor had just left Sutton Pool and was making good speed out of the Sound as she passed the port side of the Ewo. Just as the Lucy got clear of Ewo, Captain Andrews saw the Kingsbridge Packet heading straight for his ship.

Ordering full speed astern the Lucy's captain put his helm hard over to port but to no avail. Seeing a collision was imminent the captain jumped overboard with the crew Earnest Richards following him into the water. The engineer and son of the captain, Alf Andrews, came up from below and climbed onto the Kingsbridge Packet just as she rammed the Lucy alongside the helm, driving a distance of 3ft into her port side. The Lucy immediately filled with water and sank bow first while the Kingsbridge Packet remained undamaged. The captain and crewman were fished from the water by a boat from the Ewo so no lives were lost(3,4,5).

The Lucy was valued at £666 but was not insured. Efforts were made to raise the ship but whether they succeeded is unknown.

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