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The SHIPS Project is a community enterprise that involves lots of enthusiastic volunteers and interns working alongside the ProMare team, so find out below how you can get involved.

email If you would like to volunteer with the SHIPS Project then please contact us:

SHIPS Project Facebook Or find 'The SHIPS Project' on facebook and send us a message

There are many opportunities for helping the SHIPS Project, from diving and fieldwork to helping with research:

SHIPS Project

Getting involved with Finds

  • Do you have any objects recovered from the seabed or rivers around Plymouth?

We are interested in recording and photographing any finds recovered from the sea to add to our knowledge about the history of Plymouth. The finds can be recorded by our volunteers or alternatively we can send you instructions on how you can record and photograph them yourself. Information about the finds will be included in the project records and may be made available online, however the location and ownership of the finds will not be published.

Finds recorded for the SHIPS Project can be found on the Objects and Finds page and advice on what to do with finds can be found here.

SHIPS Project

Getting involved with Photos and Video

  • Do you have any photos or video of shipwrecks around Plymouth?

The shipwrecks around Plymouth have been visited by sports divers since the early days of sports diving so there should be thousands of photographs along with miles of film and video of these ships. We would like to obtain copies of photographs, film or video you have.

You may also have photographs of ships ashore on the beach around Plymouth, or photographs of rescues so we would like to get copies of these too.

SHIPS Project

Getting involved with Stories

  • Was the James Eagan Layne your first wreck dive?

  • Did you have a particularly great dive on one of the Plymouth wreck sites?

We would like to hear about your memorable or funny stories of visits to these wrecks, or tales of diving them in the early days.

Stories about Plymouth can be seen on the Stories and Notes page.

SHIPS Project

Getting involved with Fieldwork

  • Can you help with surveys of the wrecks in the area?

One objective of this project is to create detailed maps of the shipwrecks around Plymouth. This work will be done using a combination of high-tech geophysical surveys backed up with identification and detailed recording by divers.

We also hope to provide opportunities for volunteers to join in with some of the geophysical surveys that happen throughout the project. The minimum dive qualification to be involved is BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or the equivalent from another organisation.

SHIPS Project

Getting involved with Research

  • Can you help with researching the history of the ships on the seabed around Plymouth?

Diving and fieldwork are only a very small part of this project as a large part is concerned with researching the history of these ships. Research work is being undertaken in archives and libraries by our volunteers with the assistance of the project team.

In addition, each of the objects recovered from the sea that are offered to the project need to be recorded, photographed, researched and documented.

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email To find out how you can help please send an email

SHIPS Project Facebook Or find 'The SHIPS Project' on facebook