Hulks and Foreshore Wrecks - Hamoaze, Millbay and Drakes Island Area

The hulk most often seen is in this area, the ex-Pilot boat Anna II sunk in the Tamar and clearly visible by passengers on the Torpoint ferry. Many vessels have also been hulked at Carbeile and broken up at Torpoint or Southdown.

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Stonehouse 1 Brunels Millbay Pontoon YMS-378 Tap Cruden Bay Reine des Flots Master Hand Roy Fra Masnedo Fowey No 2 Wilcove 1 Plough

Hulks In This Area

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Name Location Date Description
Anna II Off Torpoint 1950 Ex-Belgian pilot boat
Cretabode St John's Lake 1918 WW1 Concrete barge
Cruden Bay Carbeile Creek 1899 Wooden steam tug
Drakes Island Barge Drakes Island, South Unknown Unknown wreck on Drakes Island
Fowey No. 2 Carbeile Wharf Unknown Timber barge
Master Hand Torpoint 1920 Trawler, built in Rye
Millbay Pontoon Millbay Docks 1852 Pontoon built by Brunel
Millbrook 1 Millbrook Lake Unknown Unknown steel vessel
Plough Millbrook Lake Unknown Fishing vessel
Reine des Flots Carbeile Wharf Unknown French-built fishing boat
Roy Fra Masnedo Carbeile Wharf Unknown French-built fishing boat
Tap Torpoint Unknown Timber hopper barge
Stonehouse 1 Stonehouse Unknown Unknown iron hulk
Stonehouse 2 Stonehouse Unknown Unknown timber hulk
YMS-378 Stonehouse 1943 WWII D-Day veteran minesweeper
Wilcove 1 Off Wilcove, River Tamar Unknown Unknown timber vessel

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