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The trawler Reine Des Flots was one of a number of boats used as the foundations for Carbeile Wharf.




In November 1982, the trawler Reine des Flots (tr. Queen of the Waves), port number PH-281, was tied up at her berth in Sutton Harbour. The ship had been moored there for six weeks with no-one on board because her owners were trying to sell her. A sudden explosion occurred on board, the ship was engulfed in flames then sank in three minutes (Photo 1). Being a significant obstruction, the Reine was refloated within days and towed to other side of harbour and beached (Photo 2). Fortunately there was no-one on board at the time so no lives were lost and the cause of the explosion was never established. The Reine des Flots made its way to Carbeile Creek near Torpoint and was used as the foundations for a wharf in 1985.

The owners of the Carbeile boatyard extended the wharf along the foreshore, Brian Jones saw the wharf being built and took some photographs (Photos 3-6). Along with the Reine des Flots were a cut-down steel-built Admiralty vessel, an unnamed trawler with port number SU-104, the yacht Roy Fra Masnedo and approximately four other vessels. The boats may have been cut down before being infilled because the area now is flat concrete, used for a boat park and storage.

The 97 ton yacht Roy Fra Masnedo of Falmouth was notable for having been rescued by the Plymouth lifeboat Thomas Forehead and Mary Rowse II. The lifeboat towed the 94 ton ex-Baltic trader from just south of Burgh Island to Millbay Docks on the night of 1st May 1977 in a fresh to strong north-easterly, a long and hard tow in a rough sea (Photo 7).


The remains of one barge can still be seen on the eastern end of the wharf.

Thanks to Brian Jones for recording the fate of these vessels.

Location and Access

Carbeile Wharf, St Johns Lake Torpoint.

The remains of one barge can still be seen on the eastern end of the wharf.

Nearby hulks include the steam tug Cruden Bay SHIPS Link, WW1 concrete barge Cretabode SHIPS Link, trawler Master Hand SHIPS Link and the Hopper Barge SHIPS Link.

Position OS: SX 43357 54688
Position GPS: 50.371747, -4.205886
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Date Built:






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Timber, carvel






PH 281


1985 approx

Carbeile Wharf:

Huggins Boatyard at Carbeile Wharf is owned by the Huggins Bros. Marina Group and provides dry storage, marina berths and boat lifting facilities, see SHIPS Link

Carbeile Wharf

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