Latitude 50° 19.2 N
Longitude 004° 11.5 W
Depth 20m
Accuracy 500m
Object Type Pot
Material Copper alloy
Description Small copper alloy pot with a missing neck
Markings Decorated, see text
Diameter 55mm
Height 25mm
Weight 0.12 kg
Condition Average, broken
Completeness 50%
Number of items 1
Location Description West side of Plymouth Sound

Pot (12A28)

This small copper alloy pot was found by a diver on the west side of Plymouth Sound. Unfortunately the top part of the pot was missing when it was found and the sides of the pot are heavily abraded.

The pot is biconic in shape with a round base 3mm high and has a wall thickness of 3mm. The top, sides and bottom of the pot are decorated with inlaid gold coloured wire approximately 0.25mm in diameter. Although much of the inlaid wire is missing the pattern of the very detailed decoration can still be seen, the pattern on the top is repeated four times and on the underside is repeated seven times. The 5mm high flat side of the pot shows a repeating wave pattern with one continuous line and pairs of truncated lines above and below.

The origin of this pot and the pattern on it are unknown.

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