Depth 58m
Object Type Porthole
Material Metal: Copper alloy, glass
Description Porthole, with cover plate and glass
Diameter 420mm max.
Height 85mm
Condition Good
Completeness 100 %
Markings None
Number of items 1
Location Description John R Park, Lizard, Cornwall
Accuracy 5m
Seabed type Outboard of wreck

Liberty 70 Porthole (11A02)

This porthole was recovered from the accomodation block on the starboard side of the Liberty ship John R Park, lost off the Lizard in Cornwall. It is in three main parts; the frame which bolts to the side of the ship, the glass munted in a brass ring and the cover plate both of which attach to the frame on a single hinge. The glass and cover plate are kept closed by four dogs mounted on the frame. The porthole has no manufacturers marks.

Note: This object is not from the Plymouth area but has been included as it is associated with the wreck of the James Eagan Layne in Whitsand Bay as part of the Liberty 70 Project.

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11A02 Porthole


Liberty 70 Project