Hulks and Foreshore Wrecks - River Yealm and Plymouth Sound

The branches of the river Yealm look like a suitable place to abandon unwanted boats, however there are only one modern yacht and one that may not be a boat. One possible reason is that local landowners frowned on disposing of boats in this way and the practice was not allowed.

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Vectis Yealm 1 Yealm 2

Hulks In This Area

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Name Location
August Smith Wembury Beach 1881 Norwegian barque wrecked at Wembury
Vectis Andurn Point 1877 Steam coaster
Yealm 1 River Yealm Unknown Unknown vessel or structure in the River Yealm
Yealm 2 River Yealm Unknown Unknown modern trimaran in River Yealm

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