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Hulk of an Danish fishing boat abandoned at the head of Pomphlett Creek, near Plymstock.


Wooden fishing trawler


This vessel is a 55ft long Danish fishing boat built in 1945. It has been suggested that this vessel was moored on the south side of Hooe Lake to the west of Hexton Quay boatyard in the mid-1990s, owned by a young family trying to convert the vessel to a house boat. The family had leave the lake and eventually moored up in Pomphlett Creek where she was later abandoned.

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The remains of the vessel include the keel, stem, sternpost, partial rudder, floor timbers, some ceiling and outer planking and this boat originally had yellow topsides.

"It has some quite interesting construction techniques in the hull. The current metal rudder and propeller shaft assembly are much later additions - the fastenings on the stern post suggest the original rudder was wooden and the prop, if present, was much smaller. Presumably at the same time the engine bed was reinforced with steel girders, perhaps for a bigger engine. The foremast was removed, the mast-step remains and the hole in the deck simply planked over, however the bowspit suggests some form of rigging was retained." Giles Richardson 2017.

The bow of this boat lies on top of the remains of the Tamar barge Edwin SHIPS Link. The bow of another wooden vessel used to be between this hulk and Lotus Bleu SHIPS Link but it has since disappeared.

Location and Access

Pomphlett Lake / Creek, Plymstock, Plymouth

Pomphlett 1 and Lotus Bleu lie together at the end of Pomphlett Creek on the north side. The location can be seen from the footpath that runs along the head of the creek by the Billacombe Roundabout by Morrisons supermarket.

Nearby hulks include the trawler Lotus Bleu SHIPS Link, Tamar barge Edwin SHIPS Link and the fishing boat Anje SHIPS Link

Last updated 01 May 2021

Position OS: SX 50593 53923
Position GPS: 50.366186, -4.102061
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Date Built:



Unknown, Denmark

Official Number:



~17m / 55ft



Depth in Hold



Timber, carvel








Abandoned 2005 approx.



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