Hulks and Foreshore Wrecks - Tamar Area

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Reynolds Lighter Budeaux Barge Budeaux 3 Budeaux 2 Budeaux 1 Tamerton 2 Saltash Vussel Tamerton 3 Maline Calstock

Hulks In This Area

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Name Location Date Description
Budeaux 2 St Budeaux Wharf Unknown Timber vessel, unknown
Budeaux 3 St Budeaux Wharf Unknown Motor fishing vessel, unknown
Budeaux Barge St Budeaux Wharf WWII Ammunition Barge, WWII
Calstock Calstock Unknown Pirate ship, punts and barges
Edith Tamar 1904 Thames barge, unknown location
Karen Marie St Budeaux Wharf Unknown Motor fishing vessel
Maline Kingsmill Lake 1912 Danish fishing ketch
Merganser Hole's Hole 1887 Yacht
Reynolds Lighter St Budeaux Wharf Unknown Steel sewage lighter
Saltash Tamerton Lake 1864 Ketch
Tamerton 2 Tamerton Lake Unknown Unknown boat on the south shore
Tamerton 3 Tamerton Lake Unknown Steel barge, 'Noah's Ark'
Tamerton 4 Tamerton Lake Unknown Reported in Devon HER, not found
Tamerton 5 Tamerton Lake Unknown Remains of a small wooden ferry
Vussel Tamerton Lake Unknown Small Reynolds tug at the head of the lake

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