Royal Navy Shipwrecks

in and around Plymouth Sound National Marine Park

The map shows the Royal Navy wrecks near Plymouth, UK.

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Blade of Wheat Asama HMS Lavinia Talavera HMS Mermaid Amphion HMS Captain Coquille Harwich HMS Crane Conqueror Henrietta HMS Telegraph Augustus Echo Charles and Henry Centurion Jasper HMS Pallas Ramscliff Wreck Abelard Encourage HMT Elk Coronation Wreck HMS Scylla Kingston Alalite

List of Shipwrecks

Name Description Date Location
HMS/M A7 Submarine, A class 1914 Whitsand Bay, foundered
HMT Abelard Armed Trawler 1916 Breakwater, east side
HMS Amethyst 5th Rate Frigate, Penelope class 1811 Jennycliff Bay, wrecked
HMS Amphion 5th Rate Frigate, Amazon class 1796 Devonport Dockyard, salvaged
HMT Asama Armed Trawler 1941 Hamoaze, bombed
HMS Augustus Gunvessel, unregistered 1801 Hoe, east end, wrecked
Bonaventure Middling Ship 1627 Hamoaze, refloated
Blade of Wheat Fireship 1689 Millbay, wrecked
HMS Captain 3rd Rate (74), Canada class 1813 Hamoaze, burnt
Centurion 4th Rate 1689 Mount Batten, wrecked
Charles and Henry Fireship 1689 Cattewater, wrecked
Conqueror 3rd Rate (68), Temple class 1760 Drake's Island, wrecked
HMS Coquille 5th Rate Frigate, Coquille class 1798 Hamoaze, off Southdown, burnt
Coronation 2nd Rate (90) 1691 Off Penlee Point, foundered
HMS Crane Schooner, Bird class 1808 Hoe, east end, wrecked
Dover Prize Hulk 1689 Plymouth Sound, wrecked
HMS Echo Brig-Sloop, French prize 1781 Cattewater, Deadman's Bay, wrecked
HMT Elk Armed Trawler 1940 South of the Breakwater, mined
Encourage Fishing Vessel (MFV) 1940 South of the Breakwater, mined
HMS Fearless Gun-Brig, Conquest class 1804 Redding Point, Plymouth Sound
HMS Foyle Torpedo Boat Destroyer, River class 1917 South of Rame Head, mined
Harwich 3rd Rate 1691 Battery Buoy, Barn Pool, salvaged
Henrietta 3rd Rate 1689 Cattewater, entrance, salvaged
HMS Imogene 6th Rate, Tyne class 1840 Devonport Dockyard, South dock, burnt
HMS Jasper Gun-Brig, Cherokee Class 1817 Mount Batten, wrecked
HMT Kingston Alalite Armed Trawler 1940 Western shipping channel, mined
HMS Lavinia 5th Rate Frigate, Lavinia class 1868 Devonport Dockyard, sunk
Mermaid Unrated Fireship, French prize 1693 Devonport Dockyard, burnt
HMS Pallas 5th Rate Frigate 1798 Jennycliff Bay, wrecked
HMS Scylla Frigate, Leander class 2004 Whitsand Bay, scuttled
HMS Talavera 3rd Rate (74), Repulse class 1840 Devonport Dockyard, South dock, burnt
HMS Telegraph Schooner, American prize 1817 Hoe, East end, wrecked
Unidentified Unknown ? Ramscliff, wrecked

Scuttled Vessels

Vessels that were deliberately scuttled and used as foundations for docks and piers.

Name Description Date Location
Anglesea 4th Rate 1764 Plymouth
Dunwich 6th Rate 1714 Plymouth
Mary Galley 4th Rate 1764 Plymouth
Moor 4th Rate 1716 Plymouth
Saudadoes Prize 5th Rate 1712 Plymouth
Vengeance 6th Rate 1766 Plymouth

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