Hulks and Foreshore Wrecks - Contributors

A project of this size and scope could not be done without a large number of contributors, and our thanks goes to everyone who helped. The contributors are listed below, if we have omitted you from the list please let us know.

Main Contributors

C. John Cotton provided his extensive archive of photographs which have allowed us to show what these hulks looked like 40 years ago. John also found and identified many of the hulks in this catalogue.

The late Gary Hicks provided a wealth of information about local vessels, published in his CD Plymouth's Other Fleet: The Merchant Shipping & Fishing Boat Registers of the Port of Plymouth, available through this website SHIPS Link.

US research foundation ProMare provided funding for taking students to record some of these hulks.

Additional Contributors

People who provided stories and additional research or assisted with fieldwork include:

Roy Ackland, Stevie Allen, Harry Bennett, Katie Baker, Jim Bond, Dave Boon, Nigel Boston, Adam Bush, Jonathan Copp, John Doohan, Les Goodacre, John Grundy, Mallory Haas, Fran Hockley, Steve Hole, Tony Holtham, Martin Johns, Brian Jones, Meirwen Jenking-Rees, Martin Johns, Stephen Johnson, Alan Kittridge, Ash Lindsay, Lewis May, Hugh McHarry, Liz Madigan, Dave Martin, Andy Miller, Joseph Mortimer, Derek Palmer, Sue Pillar-Lea, Joe Radmore, Giles Richardson, Chrissy Santic Linford, Simon Scott, Andy Sheffield, Prof. Robert Stone, Christopher Turner, Stew Wareing, Ruth Willcox, Mike Williams, Sophie Winton

Birmingham University HIT Team, Cattewater Harbour Commissioners, Nautical Archaeology Society, Plymouth University, Queens Harbour Master, University of Bristol.

Photograph Contributions

People who provided photographs of the hulks include:

Jonathan Copp, Cyberheritage, Paul Dart, Jack Baker & Sarah Vanstone, Dave Boon, Stephen Johnson, Brian Jones, Robert Kemp, Alan Kittridge, Peter Mitchell Archive, Richard Larn OBE, Sue Pillar-Lea, Joe Radmore, Giles Richardson, David Smith, West Bay Discovery Centre.

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