Location Description Plymouth
Craft type Sunderland Aircraft
Date of loss 9 February 1945
Manner of loss Crashed
Outcome Salvaged
Nationality United Kingdom
Departure port Plymouth
Destination port Plymouth
Armament 4 x 0.303 guns in nose and tail turrets, 2 x 0.50 beam guns. Bomb load, 907 kg (2,000 lb)
Crew 13
Built Short
Master Flight Lieutenant Stan Reeves
Owners Royal Australian Air Force

Sunderland Aircraft (ML829)

At 07:11 am on the 9th February 1945, Sunderland MkIII ML829 from 10 Squadron RAAF captained by FLt Stan Reeve took off from Plymouth Sound on an operational sortie. The aeroplane failed to become airborne after passing the end of the flare path, struck the boom defence, broke up and sank almost immediately. Flt. Sgt. Hore drowned and his body was recovered later when the aircraft was salvaged, and Flt. Sgt. Groennou died at 08:45 from the injuries he received. Four of the crew were seriously injured, two slightly injured and three not injured but shocked (3).

RAAF 429485 Flt Lt Reeve, S R Captain (Pilot), Seriously injured
RAAF 409455 Flt Lt Stockdale, W H (Pilot), Slightly injured
RAAF 422798 FO Fielder, I W (Pilot), Slightly injured
RAAF 15979 Flt Sgt H T Groennou (Flight Engineer), Killed
RAAF 265147 Fl Lt Gross, R W S DFC, (Stn Nav Officer), Seriously Injured
RAAF 422888 Flt Sgt W N Watts, (Wireless Air Gunner), Seriously Injured
RAAF 435004 Flt Sgt M M Summers, (Wireless Air Gunner), Not inj/shocked
RAAF 8998 Flt Sgt C A Allison, (Flight Engineer), Not inj/shocked
RAAF 411642 WO H D Randell, (Wireless Air Gunner), Not inj/shocked
RAAF 434172 PO Hore, P M (Air Gunner), Killed
RAAF 429628 Flt Sgt A R Emerton, (Air Gunner), Seriously Injured

All aircraft in UK waters that have crashed during military service are protected by the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986.

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Sunderland Cattewater

A Sunderland flying boat entering the Cattewater


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